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2nd Hearing!!! Mt. Hood-Cooper Spur Mega-Ski Resort Development

This is the 2nd Public Hearing to be held about Mount Hood Meadows plan to build a 450-unit destination resort with a mega ski facility and golf course at Cooper Spur on the North Side of Mount Hood. This resort for the rich would destroy the last wild and free areas of Mount Hood. This is the Community's 2nd chance to say loud and clear - NO!
Cooper Spur Wild and Free Action Alert!!

What: Critical Hearing before the Hood River Planning Commission to determine whether to allow a destination resort at Cooper Spur or not.

When: Wednesday, Jan 29, 2003 @ 7:30 PM. Sign in for testimony will be at 6:30 PM. Folks should plan on arriving early. Driving time from Portland varies with traffic. Plan on 1 1/2 hours.

Where: In Hood River at the Hood River Middle School. The school is just west of 13th Street on May Street. From Portland take I-84 to Hood River exit # 62 (US 30) toward West Hood River. Turn right on Cascade Ave. (1 mile). Continue on Oak Ave. (2/10ths mile). Turn right on 13th St.(3/10ths mile). Turn right on May St.(1/10th mile). Continue on May St to Hood River Middle School (1/10th mile).
CARPOOLING: We will use the same locations for carpooling. The first is in the parking lot opposite the Phu Hoa asian market on the NW corner of SE 38th and Belmont. The second is in the Parking lot of ONRC at 5825 N Greeley. Last time, folks also set-upother carpooling sites which was great.

How: We will have material on hand to help you organize your thoughts for testimony. Each witness will be allowed three minutes to testify. Speak from your heart.

Importance: This is the 2nd Public Hearing to be held about Mount Hood Meadows plan to place a 450 unit destination resort with a mega ski facility and golf course at Cooper Spur on the North Side of Mount Hood. This proposed destination resort would destroy the last wild and free areas of Mount Hood. This is the community's first chance to say loud and clear - NO!

Together we can save the mountain, bioregional agriculture, some of the best water anywhere and valley life.

This is a call for all Hands on Deck. We need a terrific showing at this hearing. PLEASE COME & SEE YOU THERE!

Below are talking points. Pick those you feel most strongly and articulate about and discuss those.

Hood River County is proposing a destination resort zoning ordinance. The ordinance will include a map showing where a new DR zone could potentially allow a destination resort. The ordinance provides for direction to the County Planning Commission, Staff and Board of County Commissioners on how the new zoning category will protect and enhance economic, natural, historic, scenic, farm and forest and other resources. The County Planning Commission is asking citizens and groups for input to make improvements to the proposal.

While there are some good aspects, the ordinance and map as proposed are woefully inadequate. Due to major omissions the ordinance in its current form will not protect significant County resources we all hold dear. Resorts approved under the current ordinance could harm the ailing economy and accelerate the slide to becoming primarily service-sector based. The following major points should be addressed in written or oral presentations.

Presentation Points

1. Mt. Hood National Forest lands should not be considered in the County zoning analysis. Too much of Mt. Hood NF is already used for private development. County zoning cannot apply to federal lands. Showing zoning on National Forest lands would be used later as a rationale to exchange federal lands to a private developer.

2. The ordinance does not protect farm and forest lands. The ordinance and mapping needs to be strengthened to conserve and enhance existing and future orchards, forest lands and other farms and protecting resource based economy.

3. The map showing eligible areas for the proposed zone contains major errors that need correction, particularly with delineation of farms. This is critical as the map currently drawn does not protect significant farm land.

4. The ordinance needs revision to protect domestic watersheds as the Crystal Springs District.

5. Destination resorts must be compatible with adjacent land uses, especially farm and forest lands. The ordinance does not now provide for this.

6. Historic resource settings, such as the Tilley Jane and Cloud Cap Historic District must be protected.

7. Lands on adjacent tracts must not be used for facilities connected to or supporting the destination resort. That violates the Oregon planning statutes and would promote sprawl on lands not intended for destination resorts, as farm or forest areas.

8. Economic costs to the County, State agencies and farming and forestry operations must be analyzed, disclosed and covered by the destination resort developers. Currently the ordinance only provides for analyzing the economic impacts with no requirement to cover the costs.

Background Info:

Please read all of the following info if you are not familiar with the situation, and also for talking points at the hearing. There are some very critical concerns with the destination resort possibility, including;

1. Crystal Springs water source. Anyone who is on Crystal Springs water should be extremely concerned with any possibility of human-caused degradation of the source and water.

2. Threat to local agriculture. Destination resorts and all their amenities are fun and games. Fun and games can be very important in maintaining sanity in a world bent on insanity. But, when, where and enough? Agriculture means maintaining the quality of life in Hood River and food. The quality of our life and food is WAY more fundamental than another DR. .

3. Low wage jobs will always come to an area, but it is not the kind to actively promote and for a progressive community to invest in. Living wage jobs should be more the goal. A DR is a financial killing for a few, and economic disaster for the many. A DR could radically change the life of the Hood River Valley.

4. Further threat to the Mount Hood Wilderness Area. We should be moving towards greater restoration and protection of the Mount Hood Wilderness Area, not more close proximity development.

5. If you have experience with other such resort areas around the country you know what happens to an area-service level wages, property values, ability for less than top income people to live there, etc.

6. WHO will really pay the cost of development and the aftermath? Read the book Downhill Slide, Why the Corporate Ski Industry is Bad for Skiing, Ski Towns, and the Environment by Hal Clifford. He's got credentials coming out his ears for writing such a book!

For more info: Call 234-2613 or www.cooperspur.org

Note: If you forward this on to concerned friends, please do so by copying and pasting it to a new email document.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cooperspur.org
phone: phone: 503-234-2613

more info: 28.Jan.2003 10:44


We now have Rm. 203, directly behind the auditorium where the Planning Commission/audience will meet. We have this info/hospitality room starting at 6PM until 11PM and there will be a TV/VCR. The classroom holds up to 20 people. SEE YOU THERE!!!!

carpool site change 28.Jan.2003 11:16


OREGON NATURAL RESOURCES COUNCIL parking lot is NO LONGER A CARPOOLING SITE. The only carpooling site to ensure your ride from PDX is at 38th and Belmont on the NW Corner. Again, see you there.

carpools leave at 5 p.m. 28.Jan.2003 13:48


Carpooling time was left off original article so it's 5 p.m.===come on all---you can come with us and help protect Mt. Hood from further development