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Meeting of the IMCs at the WSF

There have been a few meetings of IMCs here at the Casa de Indymedia in Porto Alegre, Brazil. As far as I know this is rare or unprecedented and want to comment briefly on it.
There have been continual meetings about process here at the WSF, but two interesting meetings with wider implications. There was a meeting o Latin American IMCs yesterday, and one of Brazilian IMCs today. Both were in Portuguese and Spanish so I don't know exactly what happened but can summarize what I heard from others. Also there is a plan for a Global meeting tomorrow to discuss wider issues of the IMC phenomena in general. I will report on that then. With the Latin American IMCs I understand there was advice given to Bolivia and Colombia on the process whereby destructive elements could be creatively engaged and community participation could return to their weakening sites. In addition I believe outreach and vision were discussed to a degree? I actually have no clue what the Brazilian meeting was about outside o wroking out how to deal with so many cities and the mass participation across Brazil. They were loud and laughing and it went on full force for maybe 5+ hours so I am sure they had something interesting to talk about. We should harass them to translate :) Or get ourselves some Portuguese lessons.