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Lula's Stooge to Davos WEF pie-d upon return to WSF!

Today 1/26 someone from the PT (Lula's ruling party in Brazil) was hit with a pie upon return from the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.
Someone pied him at the conference, indymedia had it all on tape and camera. No other press caught it. The corporate press showed up at the Casa de Indymedia here in Porto Alegre Brazil to buy the footage off us. There will be a party here consequently at some time with the new funds. Check out Brazil IMC for extensive photos, video, and coverage!!!
Here is the film 26.Jan.2003 21:15

repost from brasil-imc

excuse me for asking 26.Jan.2003 21:39


I thought Lula was pretty good. Why was someone from the PT pied?

Questions 26.Jan.2003 22:28


How could no other press have caught it with all those cameras??

Also, who and why?

Is this the Yes Men again?

why? 27.Jan.2003 13:09


He was pied for taking part in the negotiations to sell Brazil down tht eriver to the multinationals, something which 95% of Brazil in a recent poll oppose. Its not the yes men and all the cameras there were indymedia as far as i know.

Lula enforces IMF policies 27.Jan.2003 14:04

Jack Straw

Lula has announced his administration plans to enforce savage austerity policies dictated by the IMF. He appointed the former international president of FleetBoston, the multinational finance mega-giant, to head Brazil's national bank,and he in turn has hiked interest rates to 25.5%. his finance minister, Antonio Palocci, has built a reputation as a supporter of privatization and cracking down on unions.
And he was introduced at WSF by former Portuguese premier Mario Soares, who rescued Portugal for NATO in '75, at a time when social revolution was possible, see "Portugal, the Impossible Revolution" by Phil Mailer, a British writer who was in Portugal at the time.
The fact that Lula has a reputation as a good guy is one more sign of the bankruptcy of most of the Left.
< http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/jan2003/lula-j27.shtml>

Correct URL 27.Jan.2003 14:06

Jack Straw