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Hugo Chavez addresses WSF

Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, spoke to about 800 folks at the WSF today
I made it through a mob of several thousand today, and somehow managed to be one of the few hundred who made it inside the auditorium. Security was very tight. The crowd was extremely rowdy, and at one point outside began trying to either break through some alternate door of the legislative assemby building, or were fighting amongst themselves with their flag poles. The police pushed people back using clubs, but they continued to let some folks in one at a time, and I was lucky enough to be on the less violent side of the crowd. After being searched, passing through metal detectors, and patted down, I joined folks inside. I couldnt find anyone else who spoke english, so my limited spanish would have to do. The speech was over 2 hours, and didnt begin for another hour after I got inside. He talked about the struggle against neoliberalism, and how the forum is so important for connecting the struggles throughout the world, but especially latin america, against neoliberalism. He talked a lot about Cuba. At one point he made a comment about the oligarchy counting on us all to stay on our couches in front of our TV. At least I think thats what he said. He spoke passionately, without a writtten speech, and was very relaxed and interacted with the crowd the way brilliant speakers do. He was the only one on stage without a suit and tie on, and the crowd was wild for him. When it was over, the police were still holding back a crowd of several hundred who were still trying to get in some 3 hours later.

address: address: porto alegre, brasil

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pdx grrrl

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Chavez in Porto Alegre 27.Jan.2003 16:46

Bolivariana en PDX cbdeoregon@yahoo.com

Thank you for that summary of President Chavez speach at the Forum in Brazil.

I listened to Mr. Chavez carefully since every time he speaks, he gives important information on the current events in Venezuela. Yes, he represents the changes needed in latin america and thats why a great number of people look up for his guidence.

All I can ask people here in Portland and other cities is to look for news through alternative sources, not the regular ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN (Censored Network News). They all lie! If you speak spanish, www.aporrea.org is great. Yes, it is pro-Chavez but if you dont want to read lies, this is a good one. And of course Indymedia ;-)

We are a group of venezuelans who created a Bolivarian Circle in Oregon - to provide people with news we get from family members and friends and independent news resources in Venezuela. Mr. Chavez worse enemy is the corrupted media that manipulates the news ( not different here in USA) and are running a campaing with hatred against Mr. Chavez and any person who supports him.

We are planning on providing an open forum about Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution. Anyhow, if you want to contact us, you can email us at  cbdeoregon@yahoo.com

Bolivariana en Oregon