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Why do you wear all black?

Everyday, I wear all black. Not too many people have asked why and I never really thought about having any real reasons. The other day, somebody asked and I stammered out some reasons, of course they werent very well thought out and I knew I had to figure out why I do the things I do, at least for justification...and becasue it could become a regular question. After thinking about it for awhile I have come up with a list of personal reasons for wearing black everyday and I hope that these reasons help to persuade others to start wearing black regularly as well.

1. I am in mourning. Mourning for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children that have basically been murdered through US and UN sanctions. Mourning for the Afghan population that was decimated by the Bush regime. Mournings for...(anything that excites you to action.)
2. For political prisoners and all prisoners that are wrongly accused and jailed.
3. For solidarity in the Peace movement, as it is easy to recognize others that are sympatheitic to our cause if we wear an abundace of black. (This is actually the reason that stumbled from my lips when I was trying to explain to an East African.)
4. In rememberance and defiance of oppression of any sort, especially animal oppresion. (Of course, animal includes humans.) As a way to denounce factory farming and environmental devastation for cattle farming and otherwise.
5. (This is kind of a joke,) It is downright fashionable, all the hipsters are doing it.
Okay, there arent many reasons that I could think of personally, but wearing black on a regular basis and especially to political demonstrations is a positive way to make a statement and people will be more willing to ask you of your purpose thus affording you a chance to talk ideas and impress good things on people. So next time you are looking for something to wear remember that black is the way to go.
Relevance? 26.Jan.2003 17:16

Metal Pancreas

For some reason, I never thought this kind of stuff was very important. I guess I never really felt like clothing could represent the feelings that I had inside, be they mourning or ecstactness. I also always felt like wearing all black was some kind of weird constrictive "coolness" thing with certain types (many of whom I could relate to politically), and, being extremely anti-authoritarian and anti-conformist my entire life (it just seemed natural) I could sense elitism as quickly as I could smell a cop. And of course, there was always the random complete FUCK HEAD wearing all black and treating me like shit because I've got on a striped child's sweater, pink jodhpurs and neck high wool socks with flammable shoes. This kind of treatment was always enough to make me run and look for people who were a little more, uh, cool.

Basically, I seem to be under the impression that fashion and politics don't mix, even if it's the negation of fashion mixed with the negation of politics. I like being able to wear a fucked up outfit to make people stop in their tracks and wonder what in god's name is wrong with me. I guess you could say that I'm in mourning for all the humorless zombies out there. I mourn for the dead in different ways.

I hardly ever wear black because it makes me sleepy.

Although... I did think about a utilitarian aspect of everybody wearing black: if everyone wore black all the time the subversive element could move about very safely and inconspicuosly- this is basically a camoflauge tactic and could be done with any uniform. Black just makes you harder to see at night, which can come in very handy.

I am also partial to urban camoflauge. I have done some pretty fucked up shit in plain sight wearing a button up and slacks. People don't want to admit that they just saw you shove a banana up a tailpipe if you look like you're on your way up a skyscraper.

With all that said, wear what you want, please! Just don't think that there's any reason why one outfit will always be better than another. Aww, what the fuck, go ahead and think that if you want. See you at the masquerade!

police like yellow/black jackets 27.Jan.2003 01:09

what's up with that?

i've seen more than a few people (bicyclers mostly) around town with yellow and black jackets that look a lot like the portland police bike pig jackets--what's up with that? did they make a conscious effort to dress like a bike cop?...

Different strokes 28.Jan.2003 01:58


I actually don't own any black clothing, except for a single t-shirt, because I grew up with and continue to live with cats that shed like crazy. There're other pretty practical reasons to not wear black, as well, such as pedestrian/bicycling safety (you do bike, bus or walk whenever possible, right?) and wearing all black is a good way to get heat stroke during the summer time.

Just do whatever works for you. However, if you want to show solidarity for the peace movement, you're going to broadcast that message a lot better if you buy a button or bring a plain white t-shirt to this Friday's 5pm PPRC rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square and get it tie dyed to say "No War." Seriously, most people will just assume you're a hipster goth if they see you wearing all black all the time.

yep. 28.Jan.2003 17:18


I wear my work clothes. My politics are definitly blac bloc- I'm just not usually out to make it a fashion statement. I guess I was more "core" about it till i saw a bunch of folks talkin shit to my friend. He's an older man, and was wearin a suit (he always wears a suit) some shades (he's paranoid that the feds'll take his picture) and his ELF hat. He got the hat from our bro craig when he was doin a bakery at the guy's space. You can never say that the someone isn't a fed- but if he is- he's about as harmless as they come. I just get a bit frustrated when I hear of folks getting busted for shit cause they were "dressed like" anarchists. Equally I appreciate folks that see anarchy as more than a youth exclusive fashion statement. I feel that black blocks are an effective way to step up the pressure at a "protest"- they allow us get away- and fight another day. This i feel- is good..