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"The modern liberal state ... often uses deception to gain its ends -- not so much deception of the foreign enemy, but of its own citizens, who have been taught to trust their leaders." -Howard Zinn, historian and author
T H E  C I A
CIA's pivotal figure, George Herbert Walker Bush, is a three-time
president of the U.S.: vice-president over Ronald Reagan, president,
and presiding father over his own son. The election coup of the
year 2000 happened under his planning and influence. The resulting
White House cabinet came out as a copy of his former administrations.
Now, in the final stages of his life, he wants to achieve what has
been his utopian goal all along. Not politics, but seizing power
over the government for imperialistic purposes, unwilling to lend
any importance to social issues. In fact, the nation now serves
as a mere subsidiary system for the oil and weapons lobbies - the
two ultimate instances that threaten the survival of this beautiful

George HW Bush is a long-time CIA agent, a former CIA director,
and, in 1999, he was able to seize control over the agency: the
headquarters of the CIA are officially designated as the "George
Bush Center for Intelligence". This is not to honor his long
serving CIA deeds; this is Bush's purely practical apprehension
of global intelligence power. The CIA is the White House's private
army, and Bush Sr. now commands both.
What has the CIA always been doing? On the one hand: topple foreign
governments, through the use of mercenary, guerilla, and terrorist
groups, without exposing its own ties, for the purpose of economic
domination. On the other hand: take control of foreign leaders,
secondly blame them for certain injustices, and thirdly invade the
country with military troops. This was done in Panama, Iraq and
Afghanistan - all three invasions were done during Bush administrations.
Each time, the CIA provided the world with phony legitimate reasons
to attack these countries. Their leaders, however, were put in place
or subsidized by the CIA in the first place. By manipulating the
mainstream media, the CIA then orchestrates a legitimate political
pretext to invade. The CIA cheats, lies, and terrorizes. The goal
is to bring the world under totalitarian control - in other words:
end the freedom and peace we all aspire.

Clearly responsible for the technical planning and execution of the JFK
assassination - at a time when Kennedy envisaged the decentralization
of the CIA - and most certainly involved in the fulfilling of the
wishes of the oil and military industry, in power since the 2000
election, the CIA has been at the center of all American political
wrongdoings during the past fifty years, has hundreds of thousands
of innocent lives on its conscience, and is alive now more than
ever. The recruitment of nazi intelligence officers in 1945, the
gruesome wars in South-Asia, the Iran-Contra scandal, the limitless
financing of guerilla's in Latin-America, the enormous drug smugglers
auto-financing system, the murdering of JFK, RFK, Malcolm X, Che
Guevara, the triggering of Islamic terrorism, the events of 9/11,
the anthrax attacks, are only those crimes that this covert organization
is suspected or is known to be involved in. Simultaneously, this
Agency has the greatest military and intelligence gathering power
on the face of the Earth - there is little it can't do. If driven
by a secret political agenda, instead of being controlled by the
Congress, this all shapes a portrait of the CIA as an extremely
hard line - but totally covert - branch of right wing US politics,
and as a menace that is increasingly affecting our world.

The stigmata of American selfishness are the most blatantly reflected
in the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA was born from a deeply
paranoid attitude. It suffers pathologically from the illusion that
happiness lies in the victory over a universal competition, and
that the limitless sky is at the end of that race. This 'all against
all'-ideology forgets one thing: there is no race in life. The Darwinist
idiom of the fittest is not an individualistic, but a social concept.
The survival of humanity needs adaptation and cooperation
- not competition. But of course, acknowledging this natural truth
means admitting that the US, as a country, was wrongfully obtained
in the first place: not by democratic consensus, but by colonization
and war. Nevertheless, the people working for the CIA should understand
that they will never achieve a state of happiness in their line
of work.By sowing disrespect, you harvest hate.

Originally created to gather technical and military data from foreign
political adversaries, the CIA evolved into an active tool for sabotage
and destruction of any real or imaginary non-US interests. After
trying for decades to topple the Russian economy, it was unable
to predict the fall of the Soviet empire; Mikhail Gorbachov kept
the honor to himself. After that, the CIA still believed in
a competitive attitude as the only attitude, and aggressively went
for new legitimate reasons for its existence - enemies - to be able
to keep its own sinister features alive.Sick with self-righteousness,
and unaware that peace is only possible without animosity, it got
actively involved in the molding and creation of governments all
over the planet, more than often with bloody results. In this dimension,
eventually, it has teamed up with the ambitions of political soul
mates with a lust for power, and has recognized a partner in state-sponsored
industries such as oil and space weapons. As such, it has developed
into a gigantic executive office for semi-official imperialistic
and corporate right-wing agenda's. Instead of abolishing itself
- as it should have done after the fall of the Soviet Union - it
serves the needs of those that want to control America and the world.

In the eyes of the corporate establishment, great economics is not
about a 'free' market (as the founding fathers of liberalism meant
it to be), but is about domination over a market, an economical
interaction that must be curtailed and fashioned at will, to be
able to keep the commercial products at their selling rates and
to continue plundering natural resources. This extreme meandering
of the capitalist logic - the only logic in the US - tries
to control the supposedly free market as much as possible, to enable
the threatened industries to prevail and thus to grow. Anything
egalitarian in this world - the will of the majority, be it in the
economic, political or scientific domain, reflecting precisely what
the free market in ideology should amount to - needs to be rooted
out, because it attains the establishment's position. In the United
States, where individual ambition and enrichment is the only esteemed
moral value, and where self-interest always comes before the care
for the others, the CIA is the mechanical realization for the greedy,
egocentric needs of the ruling elite.
America is officially (and partly in practice) a democracy, but when private
interest groups want something done at all costs, over the heads
of parliamentary control, over the democratic decisions, over the
will of the free market, they can be reliant on the Agency to put
on the working gloves, and transform America into a mixture of white-collar
criminal economics and outright fascist politics.

Not the U.S.S.R, but the oil-rich Iraq, Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Columbia
( * ), Venezuela ( * ) are now the enemy. Notice how the upheaval in these countries
has risen together with the Bush administration? Not a coincidence;
there is lots and lots of oil in those area's. The oil market
be controlled by the U.S. corporations - at all costs.
It's their reason for existence. The CIA is funded and connected
with the power players who fundamentally strive for a global oil
market dominance (the Bush dynasty, and practically everyone in
the White House anno 2000), and is courted by renewed increases
in weapons trades (Carlyle Group). This requires an extremist law&order
policy as the general backbone for its needs (practically everyone
in the Republican Party), and the cooperation of the space-weapon
crazed Department of Defense. This dynamic isn't new, it has
been going on since president Roosevelt's days. People climb to
the top and try to stay there, by whatever means necessary.
The CIA provides those means, and keeps itself alive while doing
so - even if we don't agree.

For its operations, secrecy is of the CIA's foremost essence - not
because of counterespionage or security reasons, but simply because
if the public knew everything the Agency did, it would quickly cease
to exist, or find itself thoroughly reformed. Thus, moving in a
clandestine manner is essential for the Agency - that's why we don't
know, and that's why people think everything is okay. This bears
a strong analogy with the clandestineness of terrorist organizations:
the Agency's operations constitute hidden, illegitimate violence
on innocent people, with the achievement of a political goal in
mind. But the CIA's works are even more secret than those of classical
terrorists, who at least hail their violent actions in the public,
make statements about their political demands, take responsibility
for their actions. The CIA doesn't even do that. And so we have
no idea.

We know certain things, though. According to ex-agents, since the communist
arch-enemy (the Agency's only raison d'?tre) disappeared, intelligence
has largely made way for propaganda. The CIA-people didn't know
the U.S.S.R. was going to abandon communism, it didn't even know
that India was developing nuclear weapons. (A U.S. congressional
hearing asked the CIA for an explanation about these failures.)
If the Agency would have been collecting intelligence, as it's supposed
to do, or try to promote peace instead of weapons races, it should
have informed the Congress about these dangerous evolutions. But
it didn't, because that's not what the CIA is occupied with. Congress
is seen by the CIA as an opponent, as a competitor for absolute
power. The CIA is thus not striving for the propagation of the democratic
values of the American constitution at all, but is actively occupied
in fulfilling the international framework that is needed on behalf
of the extreme right-wing corporate employers. The media approval
for this policy is actively modeled, shaped and constructed on a
daily basis. With an official annual budget of $30 billion (but
expenditures 400 % thereof - gained from drug traffic), there's
no telling to what ambitions can be fulfilled, how many people can
be bribed, influenced, bought off, hired, blackmailed etc...
So that's what the Agency people do when they go to work.
The CIA isn't into collecting but into creating intelligence.

The events of 9/11 were a nearly perfect CIA operation. It artificially
stirs up reasons for U.S. animosity, by first actively investing
money in extremist, terrorist and revolutionary groups, giving them
extra warfare education, and igniting their original dismay with
extremely fundamentalist feelings - which are evidently receiving
spectacular media-attention; secondly, to organize a violent strike
on American territory or on military and diplomatic posts abroad,
with the aid of mercenary and covert factions; and thirdly, to tie
the violence to the foreign fundamentalist groups that were funded
and controlled by the CIA in the first place (eg. al Qa'ida). The
CIA orchestrates this in the media by a well funded, cleverly shaped
and extremely secretive amount of lies and misinformation. Throughout
this long-term strategy, the media are used and abused in the most
stunning ways, by planting false stories, forcing confessions, and
creating a global terror climate. What happened on September 11th
is a perfect example of CIA intelligence creativity. Since then,
as a direct result of this, anyone doing anything out of the ordinary
in any international airport, is deliberately being profiled as
connected to Islamic terrorism, while the arrests are always unsubstantiated
( * ), and links to al Qa'ida are never proven. Any process based on
the 9/11 allegations - which contained dubious proof in the first
place - can not be taken seriously. But we are continuously being
subjected to a fake psychological warfare, to a terrorist artificiality
that is really based on sand castles, and to daily violations of
the freedom of speech - for which 9/11 was the unaccounted source.

We shouldn't underestimate the power of this media manipulation. Ex-CIA
officers indeed purport that the Agency has journalists on its payroll,
and finances the publication of entire books - generally riddled
with dramatic portrayals of terrorist's mass extinction plans and
al Qa'ida's multi-cellular, international networks (CNN's Peter
Bergen, or so-called al Qa'ida 'expert' Rohan Gunaratna have fallen
into this trap). The truth is that these men are given contracts
and so-called 'inside information' and are then encouraged to write
a book with that information, for which they are so naive to feel
privileged about. What they may not know, is that 80 % of the intelligence
dossiers they receive is false, artificial, or at least highly exaggerated.
This is intended to mask the academically substantiated reality
that the contemporary terrorist threat is of a very marginal importance;
terrorism has statistically ( * ) diminished with not less than 40%
since the end of the 20th century.
The CIA distorts this reality by continuously shaping the news with
false reports, by producing terror themselves (anthrax, Bali, and
many others) or funding and training terrorist and guerilla groups
- as they have done in so many countries, and in so many instances.

The media are not the watchdogs they used to be. To survive in a competitive
market, they are pressured to bring both attractive news and keep
a good relationship with official intelligence and other agencies,
if they are to benefit from further press releases and future cooperation
with the ruling power structure. Aware of the costs of international
investigative journalism, the media now depend on the well subsidized
and extremely thoroughly structured news gatherings from the intelligence
agencies, who know practically everything that's happening anywhere
in the world (make no doubt about it). Even presidents fear the
power of the CIA, because of its strong grip on the content of the
media: the Agency keeps compromising intelligence files on practically
every player in the political scene, or has the power to create
one if it doesn't and then leak it to the press. Thus it has become
a unique instrument of tremendous media manipulation.
This rarely gets exposed by mainstream journalists who generally prefer
a juicy terrorist story above the difficult debunking of a governmental
lie. And so the people are being fooled on a daily basis.

But there are other ways to the truth than those of the classic media.
We can rely on the testimonies of ex-CIA employees, ex-military,
ex-police officers and so forth, of which you can consult many in
the Audio, Video and Written Sources on this page. Under the guise
of patriotic duty, these agents and administration workers were
recruited from several areas of life and became entrenched in the
opaque ways of the Agency. Getting in wasn't easy, but getting out
is a nightmare. Nevertheless, it's only by relying upon this small
core of disillusioned ex-CIA employees that some of its highly secret
actions can be uncovered. What we come to know about is always but
a minor fraction of the whole strategy and practical execution,
but is still highly indicative of the CIA's modus operandi and political
aim. We owe a lot to these ex-agent's inside knowledge, because
their whistle blowing words are the only way to unveil the truth:
what everyone should know about the secretly damaging ways of the
Central Intelligence Agency.

homepage: homepage: http://lightscion.com/CIA.htm

... 26.Jan.2003 13:10

this thing here

i am interested in the fact that both the CIA and the FBI turn their prodigous technology and power against both foreign enemies AND american citizens. what does this mean, that the internal security apparatus of the united states of america trusts nobody, and sees even the people it is supposed to protect as enemies?

what are they protecting? there is "america" in the general sense, in the sense that every citizen thinks of it. but then there's the family jewels of the american state and the american government. what are these irreducible family jewels? the things so important to the american state that even american citizens are a danger to it?

freedom? is this the center of life as we know it? i wish that it was. perhaps in the past, when freedom could have been destroyed by foreign powers, perhaps then freedom was. but now, in a sense america has only itself as it's enemy.

sadly, the center is no longer what makes citizens powerful (liberty, democracy, rights), but what makes the state in itself powerful. it seems the center of power, the reactor at the core of the american state, at the center of the "death star", is not what makes citizens strong and free, but what makes the green money in america's wallets the most powerful currency on earth. the center of the nuclear reactor is economic power. the center of the nuclear reactor is the military which protects this power. essentially, the military-industrial complex. not neccessarily how eisenhower meant it, but the fact that the economy, in the form of any corporation or small business you can name, is tied directly to the power of the american military. the economy is nothing without guns to support it, and vice versa. so sadly, this has become the irreducible center and the sole function of the american state today. you can't compress it anymore than that. it doesn't get any smaller than that.

as the center of power of the american state increasingly becomes economic in nature, the american state is beginning to look upon it's citizens exactly the same way a corporation looks upon it's employees. as merely quantifiable risks or gains, things to which it has no resposiblity toward, things which it will just as soon fire or layoff, but not as things which it must protect and honour, and not as complex, emotional human beings with inalienable rights. the alienation between worker/employee and corporation/management has become the very same alienation between citizen and government.

that is why the CIA and the FBI see their own citizens as potential enemies. the same way a corporation sees employees as potential risk.

the CIA represents the ultrawealthy 26.Jan.2003 14:30

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

CIA operatives and officials have always been very, very wealthy, and have used the extreme covert power of the CIA to make yet more money. Look at the heads of the CIA and you will notice that they have ALL been ultrawealthy, usually much more so than the pResidents. Thier extreme wealth makes them loyal servants of the ruling elite, because they ARE the ruling elite, capitalists every one of them.

In a "democracy" like the media likes to call our plutocratic oligarchy, the will of the people is what decides the length and power of a political career. Pains must be taken to control what citizens want. Then, a great show can be made of "doing the peoples' bidding." The CIA's propagandic power is huge. Their biggest accomplishment is creating a bizarre political creature known only in the US - the non-socialist/non-communist/non-anarchist political left. There is no such thing anywhere but in the US. Amazing propagandic achievement from the CIA!

The CIA is the perfect vehicle for the ruling elite. There is no pesky accountability for actions. You can do as you please and claim that to divulge your actions would betray "national interests." Killing, profiting from a CIA "proprietary" (a corporation used as a front for the CIA while also making money for the individual operatives), kidnapping, threatening - all done in the name of "national interest."
the CIA represents the ultrawealthy
the CIA represents the ultrawealthy

be sure to look at the website 26.Jan.2003 16:59


I just checked them out. Good stuff over there.