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national psycological state of insanity

we had a war to end all war, a war for democracy, then we have had are police actions.......should this next war be for HIPOCRACY?
The US appears to be lead by patholgic mass murders intent on killing other

They have belived in many mystical things propogated through the institutions of religon and law. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but as in all times, the differnce between good and evil is lost in the state of war.

you know it.


to the supporters of war, look up stockholme syndrome and look in the mirror.

better yet 26.Jan.2003 02:03


look up 'social darwinism'

Do you really think it's insane? 26.Jan.2003 02:33

The Redcoat

We get a war
we don't need
by a President
we didn't elect

Hip What? 26.Jan.2003 12:09


> should this next war be for HIPOCRACY?

What would THAT be? The rule of the "hip"? Rule by a cabal of new agers and anarchist narcissists drunk on power and granola?

Maybe you should learn the language before you attempt to wield it...