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The time to act is NOW. I say we should go on strike, i.e., have a GENERAL STRIKE, the day the U.S. blitzkrieg against Iraq begins.
Rumors are flying thick and fast that the U.S. war against Iraq is going to start very soon, possibly next Tuesday ( http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/012403_invasion.html), or in the following week or two. There is a high probability that the attack against Iraq could escalate into a nuclear strike, with devastating consequences worldwide.

The U.S. may use tactical nuclear weapons against Saddam Hussein's underground command bunkers or in "retaliation" against defensive measures Iraqi forces might take. Israel has promised to strike with nuclear missiles if so much as one conventional SCUD hits its soil. And the potential for massive social upheaval in the Muslim world, including Pakistan with its nuclear arsenal, already at hair-trigger along the border with India, will increase exponentially. Russia and China will inevitably see the handwriting on the wall, and go on the highest state of alert as well. Global disaster may be just days away.

The time to act is NOW. I say we should go on strike, i.e., have a GENERAL STRIKE, the day the U.S. blitzkrieg against Iraq begins.

A general strike could bring the war to a complete halt. The loss of profits caused by striking workers would make the major corporations which are running the U.S. war machine quickly reconsider their imperial aggression.

A woman I spoke to at the massive antiwar demonstration in San Francisco on January 18 said it this way: "JUST STAY HOME!" Our collective power is greater than we imagine. A general strike can stop this war and end this fascist nightmare. Please join me in calling for a GENERAL STRIKE!
what if you are in favor of the war? 25.Jan.2003 16:05


what should you do if you are in favor the the war?

Don't just stay home 25.Jan.2003 16:16


Stay away from work, but get out of the house and on the streets as well!

or better yet, don't stay home 25.Jan.2003 16:31


Think about it... everybody opposed to war stays home. Those who don't do what the man says, like show up to work, are those who get fired. Then all the war mongers will control even more of the resources. Brilliant. Great way to suicide a movement and aid the very thing you oppose. There needs to be a large-scale planned tax revolt.

If you support the war, sign up and go fight. 25.Jan.2003 20:11

Ed Harley

TO answer the gentelman's question, if you support the war, by all means, go sign up and fight. Oh, but I forgot, you just like to sit home and post little articles on Indymedia from the safety of your armchair, while others go to die in this senseless war. Guess what? Iraq poses no threat to the United States, and the whole world knows it. Iraq has been crippled by sanctions, 12 years of continuous US/UK bombing, is under massive US/UN spying/inspections, etc. The only reason for this war is US imperialism and the theft of natural resources for American consumption, just like every other military action they undertake. If you're so in favor of spilling blood for this farce of a war, this fraud of a president, and his "administration" (gang of thugs, criminals and terrorists who helped arm Saddam Hussein in the first place, and couldn't have cared less when he gassed the Iranians and Kurds) by all means, go sign up at a local recruiter's office, and waste your life, and kill innocent people for no reason at all. Most of the world sees through the ridiculous transparent hypocrisy, arrogance, and mind-blowing stupidity and evil of the Bush administrations lust for war. Wake the fuck up, you pathetic lap-dog. "Yes master, whatever you say master. Lie down? Roll over? Yes sir, whatever you say."

Strike! 27.Jan.2003 01:39


Ahh, another argument that strays from the point of the original article. Soo, a general strike. If a few people did it, they would be fired. If a lot of people did it, it would make a huge impact on our country. What do you want, a job in this crazy world, or a better world? If you are'nt ready to take any risks nothing is going to change. So, get out of you're house, go beyond the internet, and start organizing a strike. If you believe in it, do it. Maybe start with a partial general strike. People that really keep our society going. Like PGE employees, or truck drivers or gas station clerks. Remember, there are a lot of people like bush admirer who would dfinitely not strike, and a lot of people who would be afraid to do it. People will have to think they have a lot more at stake than some faraway war that doesn't seem to affect them personally, (although we know better). It is a good start, and it might happen. You want it, get out there and start talking to people. This is going to take a lot of courage, leadership, and risk. But not doing anything might just get us all nuked. I think I'd rather be unemployed than nuked, don't you?