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WSF-PDX IMCista Part 3: Lula

Yesterday 1/24 the president of Brazil spoke. I was there and got bried summaries of what he said.
You can probably find news about Lula's speech online so I won't stick to that. First let me know that securi ty was quite light. There were not very many police and they were lightly armed comparatively to a US presidential address. There was probably like 1000+ people in the amphitheatre. What was most noticable (and this is true of the forum as a whole) were the massive quantity of communists, the MST (movemiento sin trabajar), and the Argentinian Piqueteros/Asembleas. Some were chanting 'down with the flags' but the sight of so many authoritarian communist organizations was distirbing. In America we were lucky and rid ourselves of those strange fetishists of insitutional and state bureacracy, but in Brazil they thrive. Marxists of both the revolutionary and reformist camps are well organized and have the people dupted into believing that electing a leftist government will bring about the end of the evils of capitalism. Unfortunaely Lula can' and won't do this. His speech basically said that his position on free trade won't change when he goes to the World Economic Forum in Davos (he s open to it), and that to preserve order, i.e. avoid social revolt like that of Argentina, Bolivia, etc, everyone must be calm and patient. The hope and cult of personality surrounding Lula was a distirbing ripple in the waves of the WSF. To see so many well intentioned people put their hearts into something that will certainly fail is sadening. Outside of that, there was great music, dancing, and frolicking on the summer Beaches of Southern Brazil.
WORLD SUCKERS FORUM 26.Jan.2003 21:54

anti-US Patriot

The World Suckers Forum is a Trojan Horse political group, funded and promoted by the more "Liberal" wing of Wetsern global capitalism. These people hope to offer a few band aid reforms (which they call 'SUSTAINABILITY') in order to prevent an overthrow of their capitalist system itself.

The primary political interests driving and motivating the World Suckers Forum are various Non-Governmental Organizations and other assorted Liberal dupes. IN other words, Indymedia's kind of people.

Ultimately, the basic agenda of the World Suckers Forum can be summarized in one phrase and one phrase alone:


For more on how Another Lie is Possible, see the following link: