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He said, "I am going to kill you."
Address any replies to  iandjahrasta@happyhippie.com



1. My message to you
2. an email sent out yesterday
3. some links


1. My message to you - about the death threat

At the end of this email are two messages, each sent out in the last forty-eight hours. They are highly relevant to all our work. Today's jamming by Uncle Sam's Net Force has a lot to do with electrostatically charged chemtrails and possibly to do with the LASP's (Laboratory of Atmospheric and Space Physics) satellite that goes into orbit today. Weather satellite indeed. Also here in Boulder is the National Center for Atmospheric Research and NOAA. Together with HAARP, ad nauseum, electrostatic pools of energy sit waiting to be tapped for whatever needed: climate modification, earth-quake production, satellite and/or internet jamming, unmanned aerial vehicles, etc. TODAY, on the day of widespread reported jamming of activist resources online, the sky over NCAR looks like a fractal, branching cloud. The water of the mists (clouds) follows an electrical looking pattern and I don't been sort of. Nikoli Tesla was the greatest hacker of all time. I have never thought that clouds like this were possible. The entire atmosphere is, due to chemtrails, an electromagnetic bomb waiting to go off.

My name is Eric Stewart and I have also been known as Jam Echelon Day Instigator [JEDI] Robert Kemp. I have been an online and otherwise (in the field) activist reporting directly to citizenry for about four years now, with no umbrella organization. This would not be a problem in a libertarian society, or otherwise tolerant, but in this age where telling the truth is illegal, I am targetted. Last night I was told by someone I had never met, "I am going to kill you." I am not spooked easily any more but this man has a serious schism in his psyche and I think that after ten years on the streets, I know an armed man when I 'feel' one.

Today I found out that all over the place there have been electronic disruption of hordes of websites for alternative news. I am calling out to say that the initiator of Jam Echelon Day, the discoverer of the Mitre Corp. and Warren Buffet connection to September 11, Agent Smiley is marked to be offed.

Today I went online for about five minutes and the entire district's connection went down. I now seemingly have a window of opportunity to tell you that it went down as I was transferring information to a new account and muliti-tasking rapidly to sub to dozens of large influential forums. I was acting faster than ever. In other words, the local power companies are working with some Bama boy to intimidate me and I, Eric Stewart have also been doing this all the time living, for the most part, outside in our National Forests. To be even clearer, I am highly vulnerable and am in Boulder, Colorado. I need help.

Today, a satellite went up that is publicly a "weather" satellite. It is another SkyNet satellite. It is for the global battle command. It is for the system than enabled NASA, the NRO, Mitre Corp. and Booz, Allen, & Hamilton to remotely smack our psyches upside the head on September 11, 2001.

It has everything to do with electrostatics, chemtrails, barium, HAARP, ad infinitum. It is "climate modification" only in that that is the side effect to their neurotic "missile shield." Quite an ironic misnomer, the "Strategic Defense INITIATIVE."

Star Wars indeed. I need you Obi Wan. If anyone can help me at the Boulder Public Library I will be there today in over alls - I have a goatee. Please help. I am being hunted.



2. a message sent out yesterday

From: "eric stewart" <justanotherblowback@t...>
Date: Thu Jan 23, 2003 3:25 pm
Subject: intro


I have lost two Yahoo accounts in the last month (over a span of a
few days actually plus my latest has been rendered inoperative
recently) and a Hotmail account and in none of these cases did I
violate any terms of usage. Though I have been covering a lot of
sensitive information in the past four or so years and have received
a LOT of harrassment (in-person death threats for example), the
electronic harrassment of the past year (Klez virii, BadTrans worm,
FBI's Magic Lantern - digitial identity theft..ad nauseum) losing
three accounts in about three days is rather unprecedented even for

The most recent round involved my coverage of OTH (over the horizon radar), SkyNet, and its relevance to chemtrails and Global Hawk systems.

The bottom line is that those planes that are spraying are into a variety of ops including weather modification, using whole metropolises as test groups for biological agents, and of course, the maintenance of SkyNet, NMCI, etc. The Global Hawk technologies employed by Mitre Corp. on September 11, 2001 are not possible, it seems, without SkyNet. This over-the-head command system, the means to global domination, is fragile. The planes that spray, in other words, do not move very fast. They are sitting ducks as far as targetting go.

Let us not go the way of Germany. The Germans, rather good people,
were duped to the max and suffered for it. History bears me out on
this: EVERYONE that has tried to dominate the world has wound up in

G'bye for now...soljah

P.S. I used to post a lot at  http://www.memes.org and I am sad to
report that I have led a lot of people to a website that is highly
suspect. Feds? I don't know but one thing I CAN tell you is that
the people that maintain the site are the type that would make L. Ron
Hubbard proud.

Also avoid  http://www.libertythink.com and
 http://www.prisonplanet.com unless you are of a caliber techie of,
say, zero-cool.


3. and another

January 25 launch of 'weather' satellite

also see this link on the University of Colorado's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics and cross references with barium.  http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=%22Laboratory+for+Atmospheric+and+Space+Physics%22%2Cbarium










Please help me. If you shall, email me at  iandjahrasta@happyhippie.com

. 26.Jan.2003 22:18


Dude forgot to take his medication for paranoid psychosis.