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An Outrageous Rumsfeld Dictum

a paragraph from today's NY Times
If Washington attacks Iraq on its own, the French foreign minister, Dominique de Villepin, declared, it would be "a victory for the law of the strongest."

France and Germany, retorted Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, were history.

Hmm- that sounds like just the kind of motherfucker I want representing me and my country. What are we doing with these evil, selfish morons in office?
Felons in the White House 25.Jan.2003 12:00

Speak Truth To Power

"What are we doing with these evil, selfish morons in office?"

They were appointed in a judicial coup, remember?

the logic behind the insanity 25.Jan.2003 15:09


As sick as it seems, there's actually a strategy here (which is going to make you even more angry).

Dr. Strangelove Rumsfeld, Chickenhawk Cheney, werewolf-wolfo-witz and Perle (known by his colleagues as the Prince of Darkness, a name which he apparently likes) all understand that U.S. primacy going forward requires that Europe not be a geostrategic threat capable of exercising power strong enough to counter balance the United States. That is why Dr. Strangelove talked about "old Europe" (German and France) and New Europe -- the Eastern European countries.... He's driving a wedge between the EU to weaken the EU.

Similarly, the U.S. "special relationship" with the U.K. serves this objective as well.

I wish I was making this stuff up. But geopolitical strategy and doctrine is a swamp, and these guys, through their think tanks, put all this on public record.

maybe but.. 25.Jan.2003 16:28


Perhaps it's a wedge tactic, but basically if France and Germany, and the UN want to sit this one out, then it will be the US deciding the makeup of a post Baatthist Iraq, not the UN. It will also be the US overseeing the rebuilding of Iraq, along with which country's corporations get a piece of the pie, paid for by Iraqi oil. So the UN, France and Germany along with these countries corporations may find themselves out in the cold.

Russia is playing ball because Iraqi was one of their best clients before the sanctions where put in place in 1991. The would love to have the current Iraqi government gone, and things back to the way they were, they just don't want their fingerprints on it.

Keep in mind it was France who build a Nuclear Reactor in Iraqi in the early 1980's and it was Israel that flew fighter jets in and destroyed it.

There is a lot of money to be made here when Hussein is out of the way, and this hasn't gone un-noticed by the EU.

The French maybe smelly, opinionated, arrogant, cowardly and self-centered, but I wouldn't call them stupid.