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Photos from the student action in Salem to demand school funding

Photos from the student action in Salem to demand funding for Portland Public schools.

About 100 people, mostly High School students joined the protest.

The students, as with their other actions, carried out their own plan, including making signs, visiting the various state senators and representatives to ask them to sign a pledge not to end the session without funding for the schools, and later, a sit-in within the capitol building.








Everyone sat down in a circle, and some big plastic barrels were used as drums. The chanting reverberated throughout the building, even upstairs and in other working areas.

The chanting was deafening and everyones spirits were high. With so little notice taken of their efforts outside, and petitioning the elected representatives, it is fitting that they made some real noise. The dull, business as usual attitude around the place needs to be shaken up! These students came all the way from Portland, and there was no real reception from the Legislature to meet them, and address their very real concerns.

The main reception was from the police, where they should just keep out of it. They almost always have to stick their noses where they don't belong. First outside, stopping a simple banner from being hung up, to inside where this bullying officer refused the drums, megaphone, tried to stop a basketball from being rolled back and forth and so on.

Undaunted, the students made enough noise on their own, so that every person in the building knew they were there.

A clear reminder of where much of the money that could fund schools is going.

bravo! 25.Jan.2003 14:59

Mary dennismarybet@yahoo.com

Well, it's inspiring to see students take action. ("Never doubt that a small group of thoughful citizens can change the world." Margaret Mead. ) Good luck with your work. Mary

SAA congrats 30.Nov.2005 19:05

jake wisharjak@gihs.sa.edu.au

nice work guys, from those photos it looked like an awesome success. I'm secretary of the Student Activist Alliance in Australia and we are considering doing a simillar style sit-in about our federal governments policy on workplace rights for young workers. We have been inspired by your sucess, and our doubts have been put to rest.
Send me an email if you want to work collectively.

power to the student!

Jake Wishart, secretary- Student Activist Alliance (www.studentaa.tk)
Glenunga International High School - www.gihs.sa.edu.au

L'Estrange St. Glenunga, South Australia 5065 "Student Activist Alliance"