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Evidence: Aliens Influenced Prehistoric Humans

Rael is correct. Evidence proves that aliens interfered with prehistoric humans. Stop suppressing the truth!
Evidence: Aliens Influenced Prehistoric Humans
Evidence: Aliens Influenced Prehistoric Humans
Gazoo was exiled from his home planet, Zetox, for inventing a device that could destroy the entire universe. As punishment, he was stranded on prehistoric Earth and made to serve the "dum-dums" who found him--Fred and Barney. Gazoo could apparently be seen and heard only by Fred and Barney, animals, children, and his leader (the Great Gazam).

In addition to once taking Fred and Barney to a fancy restaurant and sticking them with the bill, he performed bizarre genetic experiments transfering alien DNA into the human genome.
how to make your own skygod 25.Jan.2003 00:36


BTW, here's an explanation about how the tinfoil set came up with their "UFO superhighway" story.


If you're gonna have a sky god you gotta do it right.

I demand this be censored immediately 25.Jan.2003 00:40

serious UFO researcher

I demand this be censored immediately, unbelievers and heretics will not be tolerated and must not be given voice. UFOs are real, and if you don't think like I do...then you're just a stupid corporate media appologist.

the real *Agent Orange* wouldn't post that 25.Jan.2003 02:27


man, it's damn clear that some bonehead had a bug crawl up their duff in the last couple of hours, given the crazy spamming done on this thread and this one:



The examination of U.S. black operations and covert history is a valid subject of inquiry.

The examination of UFO phenomena is a valid subject of inquiry.


But the original article in this thread


and (obviously) the one you're looking at here is stupid.

It's interesting to note that the other thread had messages flying in one after another, and most likely from the same person spamming.

High noise, low signal.

Just another day in the effort to distract people.

It's probably not an accident that the author of the post starting this thread went after Agent Orange given that Agent Orange mentioned one of the more credible sources of objective information on UFOs: The Disclosure Project. But this message is more spamming than intelligent disinfo. The author is an amateur. Ha! I know that hurts ;-)

...you amateur. ;-)

I've read Agent Orange's comments off and on for a few months now. You are definitely not Agent Orange.

I think you're right, observer 25.Jan.2003 09:51


I, too, suspect that this wasn't posted by the real Agent Orange. It is too funny, and the UFO worshipers will have none of that, yourself included. I bet your hands were really shaking with fury when you wrote that last message...like barney Fife goin' for his bullets.

I'd encourage anyone who took the "UFO Superhighway" story with even a grain of salt to read:


I think the UFO spotters might be a little too anxious for their "sky-gods" to appear.

"live long and prosper" smooch, smooch

like I said, you're an amateur 25.Jan.2003 14:17


enough said

I agree, but not in a mean way 25.Jan.2003 15:46

torbo lift

I think the point made about aliens being treated as "sky gods" is fair. It seems that too many people are looking to other forces to fix the problems here in earth, be it god, aliens, "big-R revolution", whatever. I doubt that such faith will serve to accomplish much but divide us further and disempower the individual. Revolution, can occur only on the individual level, and no outside force holds our salvation.

good idea 25.Jan.2003 17:23

Bush Admirer

Why don't you kids keep this up. If you're busy arguing about UFOs you can't be out terrorizing capitalists.

bush admiration society 25.Jan.2003 18:04


Oh BA, c'mon. We here in PDX land know you too well. You can't pull the wool over our eyes. It's people just like you that authored the fake "Agent Orange" message above.

Why will no one debate my assertions? 26.Jan.2003 00:32

Agent Orange

Why will none of you debate my assertions that aliens involved themselves with human evolution?

Does this lack of sufficient argument to the contrary signal acceptance on everyone's part?

All I've seen is a lot of childish, petty bickering and ad hominem attack. Look at the EVIDENCE.

Sorry Agent Orange 26.Jan.2003 09:42

The Redcoat

sorry Agent Orange
You missed the last comet
better luck next time

Redcoat, 26.Jan.2003 09:50

Agent Orange

You're not suggesting that I'm some kind of fuckin' crackpot or something, are you?

Fuck off 27.Jan.2003 13:50

jungle jim

Why is this spam tolerated? Other forms of obnoxious trolling is deleted -why isnt this?