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Humbled, But ready to fight to the end!

This is a first for me and I was going to publish an article about non-compliance by Rep.Dennis Kucinich. but since I have a deadline looming, as in no more drugs to keep me alive because of all the money spent on war, I am going to publish a letter I sent to Governor Kulongoski.
STEVEN J. BLACK January 24, 2003 Office of the Governor State Capitol, Room 160 900 Court Street NE Salem, Or. 97301-4047 To the Honorable, Governor Ted Kulongoski, First, I would like to congratulate you on your well-fought campaign to become the new Governor of the State of Oregon. Secondly, thank you for taking the time to read this letter from a very desperate, Disabled Person Living with AIDS. In the many speeches and remarks that you made during the campaign, I was very impressed with your being direct and to the point. I can tell that you have a good heart without even meeting you because of all the times that you said with conviction that Senior Citizens and the Disabled would be priorities of yours and always be taken care of. Both Senior Citizens and the Disabled are very dear to my heart also, as I was my Mother's caregiver for the last 5 years of her life, even up to and including her taking her last breath, I was by her side making sure that she did not die alone. During the process of dealing with her Medicare, HMO, and Dr.'s that simply did not care, I learned a great deal about what a huge challenge it is, for Senior's to get the adequate medical care that they need and deserve. Obviously the soft spot in my heart for the Disabled, not only comes from having lived with HIV/AIDS for almost two decades, but when I lived in Utah caring for my Mother, I volunteered with two different AIDS Organizations. One of which was the Utah Aids Foundation where I was responsible for the Food Bank. Where I watched friends and acquaintances melt away as if they were butter. It was hard for me, knowing that I would also be there someday. During this time I was awarded the Volunteer of the Year, for the devotion and love that I gave to those people in need. Now, it is coming time for me to be in need, indeed the time has come, to have but one, helping hand and caring heart, alas I will endure to the end! Is it not ironic that just as I, am in my time of need, receive a letter letting me know that I do not have a helping hand? But am told with barely more than two weeks notice, that I will no longer be covered by the Medically Needy program. That pays for the drugs that I must take, on a daily regimented schedule, without fail, and without interruption. Failing to adhere causes mutated viruses and my life to end. I have a hard time believing that the State of Oregon wants blood on its hands! After 20 years of living with this insidious disease, my muscles ache, I have a broken heart, and my mind is failing me. Cold sweats at night soaking my sheets, and hot flashes in the day soaking my clothes, all in a matter of minutes. I am scared to go to bed, and am too tired, to keep my head up during the day. Because of the fact that I paid into the system for so long, I am denied good old Medicaid. Medicare is what I had to wait for, 2 years to get, even though I paid into the system twenty-three years to get. As it turns out, Medicare is not the insurance to have, as it does not pay, for half of what Medicaid does. Medicare is not an insurance that pays for drugs; Medicare is what I have, and AIDS IS A DISEASE THAT IS MANAGAED BY DRUGS. Medicaid is what insurance, people get, that have never paid into the system of yet. Medicaid is for the poorest of the poor, and those who try to make out, like they are the poor. Medicaid is for those on SSI, or more commonly known as welfare to most, GA to those politically correct. So by all means if you ever intend on becoming Disabled, make sure that you never indeed, intend to pay to the system, otherwise known as taxes and Social Security Insurance. Because if you do, you will have to wait 2 years, before you get the insurance that you wish that you did not have. After having dealt with the bureaucracies that be, I am left intimidated, humbled and mainly just sick and tired of fighting all the crazy rules that be. It should not have to be, a matter of life and death, in this Great State of Oregon, where government employee's, are only concerned with the bottom line. The thought that somebody or some group of people, actually made the decision to cut the budget, and eliminate three health programs that so many people rely on to stay alive is sickening. I guess my next question is what am I supposed to do come February 10th, when I run out of my last prescription? Therefore, Governor Kulongoski, I know that somehow, someway, there can be compromises made, to ensure that the Programs that protect the Mentally Ill from being kicked out on the streets, the thousands of people such as myself that will die if we do not get the AIDS drugs to keep us alive. I have faith in God, knowing that you have God in your life, that you will make the right decision with regard for life and those unable to care for themselves, the Seniors and the Disabled. I will do anything and everything I can, to help you in any way that I can, to achieve the objectives of never cutting any state programs that care for those unable to care for themselves, including the Children, Seniors, and the Disabled. If we as a state and a society cannot achieve these goals, I fear that we have lost our souls. Humbled, Heartsick, and ready to fight to the end, for a caring, giving, and loving place, Our Earth! Sincerely, Steven Black Cc: President George W. Bush, Senator Gordon Smith, Senator Ron Wyden, Congressman David Wu, Dr. Douglas Beers, Dr.Kristen Ries, The Oregonian. 920 NW KEARNEY ST.#229 ? PORTLAND OREGON ? 97209 PHONE: 503-243-6606 ?

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A Matter of Life and Death 26.Jan.2003 20:58

Beverly ezriter33320@msn.com

What a courageous person and good soul this man is. It is deplorable, unthinkable that he even has to write a letter such as this to government officials. What is the world coming to! God help us all.