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There are a lot of voices in the Political Classes calling for war in Iraq. Ever wonder how many of these "Hawks" actually took the opportunity to serve?
The following link jumps to a page showing you who among the Political Elite actually availed themselves of the opportunity to serve in combat and actually put their own butt on the line. I was shocked. Take a look for yourself:

No Surprises Here 24.Jan.2003 20:24


Thanks for posting. I've seen similar lists. I say send the Chicken Hawks over if they're so intent on going to war with Iraq.

a pic I made 24.Jan.2003 21:24


share far and wide :-)
a pic I made
a pic I made

Buck - buck buck - buuuccckk 24.Jan.2003 22:19


Ranger - you're welcome. I really was shocked at how many of those clowns were certified Chickenhawks. Particularly surprising was the imbalance between parties. Even jaded media-despising cynic that I am I think I still identified the "R's" with having a higher rate of service. Boy, were my eyes opened.

Ziggy - thank you. I think you're picture adds a little panache to the thread. I think Pink must be his color. (Although I think he wears YELLOW well too.)

Thanks again 25.Jan.2003 13:14


Hey Diogenes; found some reprentative from California that was in my unit. Maybe, I'll send off a hello.