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A relatively brand new and wonderful tradition in lovely southeast Portland, anarchist soccer is your chance to run around and have fun with fellow anarchists on Saturday afternoons
Okay, so what if you love to play soccer, but don't feel the need to always stick to those oppressive rules like you have to stay in bounds and you have only a certain number of timeouts and you can't use your hands and you can' run off to go down the swirly slide? what if you believe in cooperation and free will and self determination? what if you are bored on saturday afternoon or just looking for something great to do? what if you aren't afraid to get wet or maybe even muddy? then ANARCHIST SOCCER might be just the thing for you!

bring friends, family, pets, strangers, bring a soccer ball, a football, whatever your little heart desires. a month ago there were fourteen of us and played capture the flag and was that ever fun! yes. yes it was. and a couple little children joined in the fun with their dad. they just happened to be in the park and lo and behold, they stumbled across ANARCHIST SOCCER! or did ANARCHIST SOCCER stumble upon them?

who cares?

it's fun and you really should come. unless you don't want to.

ANARCHIST SOCCER happens every damn saturday, come rain or come the other thing, at 2 p.m. at the soccer field around southeast 32nd and market. for those of you who don't know, don't feel bad. Market is just a coupl blocks south of big old Hawthorne.

phone: phone: 9638928