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Brooklyn City Council Passes Anti-War Resolution!!

In an important breakthrough for New York City and big cities across the country, the Brooklyn City Council has passed an anti-war resolution almost unanimously!
Today, Friday, Jan 24, at about 3:00 PM ET the City Council of Brooklyn (New York) passed, 7 to 1, a resolution "opposing US aggression against Iraq, absent authorization from the United Nations". OK, this isn't 100% anti-war, but its significance cannot be overstated. No part of New York City had passed such a resolution until today. Mayor Bloomberg has not announced yet whether he will sign the Brooklyn resolution, but already the pressure is on him to do so, and most observers believe he will.
Huh? 25.Jan.2003 12:05


Brooklyn is not a city. Brooklyn does not have a city council. Brooklyn does not have a mayor. It has a president. The president of Brooklyn is Marty Markowitz. Michael Bloomberg is the mayor of New York City.

This "story" doesn't make any sense.

Whoops, but still true 25.Jan.2003 16:09

Chesa Chesa32@aol.com

OK, I checked and you're right, a few errors, Brooklyn is a "Borough" and part of the the City of New York, and it has a Borough President, and he's announced he's signing the resolution on Monday.
And you shouldn't nit-pick on something this important, but at the same time I gratefully accept your correction (and I've given a certain acquaintance of mine a little hell), and I've now checked and what I say above is true regarding passing the resolution.