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Bush con man

Bush a hustler
Corporate frontman George Bush and his sidekicks have been proffering to the public a transparent study into the external workings of con men. Could it get any better? One singular trait of a conny can be gleamed in the "rush" of his sales pitch, generally a fast ball--he manipulates you into buying a vehicle with too many extras, or a construction job not in your best interests before you have a chance to think about it, mull it over, consider both sides of the buy and make a reasonable decision. He tries to whisk you into the office before you change your mind, and he may appeal to your emotions and even your ego to take his bait. It's 4:45 p.m. and the discount ends at 5:00. Move fast so the details of what you are buying into are a blur.

In Bush and Co.'s case, they've been in "rush" mode since the beginning: Rush to point all ten fingers at Iraq after 9-11 (still no real evidence of evildoing against the U.S.), rush to pass draconian, Constitution-shredding acts without any genuine scrutiny and thoughtfulness by a cowering, conformist Congress (with a few, brave exceptions), and rush to an oil war whose reality the entire world sees through. By the time the con victim realizes he's been skunked, it's far too late. The contract's been signed, the check deposited. It's one of the oldest hustles in the world, and the average American in this case is the patsy.

Bush and pals are masters at the art of conning people (they're politicos, after all) out of their good sense. Most presidents are. Clinton wore the same suit, just a different fabric. What Bush offers us is a nightmare that he claims is the best choice of daydreams for your dollar (tax revenues). In his gloomy world, war gives you the biggest "bang" for your buck. Your money literally goes up in smoke mixed with red blood cells and body parts. These fascist-capitalists who rule the country, ensconced in their private pathologies and their delusions of power and glamour, can't recognize that most of the world outgrew their lonely and brutal aspirations a while back. This is the tragedy of Bush' s political coup in America in 2000 and its ramifications for the country.

Put it this way: When's the last time anyone saw compassionate conservative Bush rush to heal the legions of uninsured sick, rush to house the homeless haunting our cities streets like the undead, rush to feed the hungry, rush to save U.S. jobs from transplanting to Asia and Mexico and Central America, rush to succor the devastated (current U.S. military personnel, beware!) and dispensable Gulf 1 vets, rush to protect the Amazon rainforests, rush to nurture the arts, rush to save the whales the U.S. Navy kills with sonar technology, rush to protect the environment and wilderness areas, rush to join we-the-people's democratic protests, rush to an all -day town hall meeting where he faces uncensored, uncontrolled and impolite, shrill questions?

My guess is, not recently. Not ever. Bush, as his recent predecessors, is a no-show. What a shame.
shell game anyone? 24.Jan.2003 18:46


Don't watch my hands (what I do), just listen to what I say :-)
shell game anyone?
shell game anyone?

the jig's up 24.Jan.2003 20:33

Swamp Fox

Shell game is right, ziggy. And hats off to you, mike. You've quite eloquently revealed the War Machine's hustle "in a nutshell". Bush and his warmongering are pre-Internet dinosaurs. Time to impeach and oust this imbecilic frontman.

Bravo !!!! 25.Jan.2003 02:51


From up here at the Inco Stack, we take heed. Everywhere, people hitting the streets, opposing the new rome barbarians. Yup, that's what they're selling. Merchants of death wrapped up in a flag. In Argentina, their worst insult is to call someone mediocre. Had the anglo ethic such insight, rather than be led to the brink by the least intelligent of the herd. Cheers Mike. Keep it up.

Impeach! 28.Jan.2003 11:47


Internationl law professor Francis Boyle with the University of Illinois has drafted articles of impeachment against Bush. He needs support from our illustrious congress persons... If we all put pressure on them maybe it will happen??? Contact Boyle at:  FBOYLE@LAW.UIUC.EDU