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Protest & Leafleting Against Adidas' Cruelty to Kangaroos

WHAT: Protest & Leafleting Against Adidas' Cruelty to Kangaroos
WHEN: Saturday February 8 th 11am - 1pm
(right off the #6/MLK and #72/82nd Ave bus lines)
Join activists from API, IDA, and Viva USA! for this 2nd international day against Adidas and their cruel and unnecessary use of kangaroo "leather." Because of companies like Adidas and the demand of their customers, kangaroo populations in Australia are being traumatized both by population decimation and unfathomable cruelty, all for soccer and athletic shoes. An account from VivaUSA!, the organization leading the campaign against this industry, paints the horrendous picture: "Adult kangaroos are often hit in the throat or neck and dragged to the trucks struggling and still conscious. Some are still alive when their leg is sliced open and they are hauled up onto the truck by a large hook through the gash. Their throats are slit, and they bleed to death. Young joeys who are still inside their mother's pouch suffer a more grisly death. They are pulled from the pouch and stamped on or clubbed to death. Older joeys are left to die of starvation or cold - worthless by-products of a callous but lucrative industry." If you don't have time to make your own sign, we will have extras and leaflets. If you have old soccer clothes, wear them ; Predator shoes, bring them along.

VivaUSA! has gained worldwide attention and continues to expose the horrors of the kangaroo skin industry to consumers across the globe. International events will also be taking place at the Adidas Headquarters in Australia, England, Germany and in the USA on Wednesday, February 5th at 10am. If you can make it to one or both! of these demonstrations, the kangaroos will thank you!

WHAT: International Day of Action against Adidas - Demonstration
WHEN: Wednesday, February 5th @10am
WHERE: Adidas' USA National Headquarters in Portland (5055 N Greeley Avenue)
(right off the #1/Greeley and #72/82nd Ave bus lines)

**For those of you who can not make it out to either event, please be sure to call Adidas on Wednesday the 5th (800/448.1796) and email them on Saturday the 8th ( Consumer.Relations@adidasus.com and  nicole.vollebregt@adidaus.com). Let them know you won't be buying their products until they stop their war on kangaroos, and encourage them to use state of the art synthetics in all their shoes!**

For more information, contact API at (503)452.4070 or  sharon4api@nw-consultants.com

Sharon Warner Methvin, PhD
Animal Protection Institute-NW
Office Hours: (Mon, Wed, Fri 10am-6pm)
917 SW Oak St., #414
Portland, OR 97205
Voice: 503-246-2588 Fax: 503-452-4070
Email:  Sharon4api@nw-consultants.com
Web: www.api4animals.org

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