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Time is running-out! Help pay for an Anti-War TV ad from "Move-On" to play on this Sunday's SuperBowl.
To see Anti War ad: "Daisy" , go to:

To contribute, go to:

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dumb choice 24.Jan.2003 14:11


I'm not dissin MoveOn in general. But this seems stupid. The Superbowl commercials are the most expensive commercials in the world, and buying the ads this late in the season means it will be even more expensive. MoveOn would be far better off buying multiple ads in other places, and targeting those ad buys for opinion maker shows on Cable TV.

Furthermore, 20%+ of the people watching the Superbowl are going to be drunk, perhaps.

Again, I'm not dissin MoveOn. They're doing good work. But this seems pretty lame.

ok...I take back part of what I said 24.Jan.2003 14:17


I went to the website (see above) and saw the below. So, it's not a national ad buy but targeted to DC -- somewhat more wise. But still, in my humble opinion, I thin better ad buys could be had.

Of course, Super Bowl ads are pricey. Even though we've negotiated a great deal for the D.C market, we need to raise another $40,000. The timing is perfect -- we expect the Iraq issue to come to a head next week with the President's State of the Union address. So we need your help -- if we all pitch in a little, we can get our "Let the Inspections Work" message on the biggest show going.