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corporate dominance

reading and discussion group tonight J24 at laughing horse books 8pm

This nights readings have little to do with the sad stories of anarchists, so that's why I didn't say ANARCHY all over the place. We will be reading and discussing two old essay's by Fleeta drumgo and Huey newton. Both pertain to prisons and the prison industrial complex.
The huey article was written during his stay in the alemeda country prison, he was released august 6th 1970 and eventually acquitted of all charges. Fleeta's was written in soledad prison where he was one of the 3 defendants in the soledad brothes case, which also included prison writer and revolutionary george jackson. Heavy shit worthy of heavy disscussion.

address: address: 3652 se division st 503-236-2893

sounds cool 24.Jan.2003 15:48


Sounds like a good discussion. . .
only wish I had the night off. . .