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Native American traditions of healing for spirit, environment: Nanish Shontie

Mala Spotted Eagle talks about the Nanish Shontie community in Oregon and their work to bring healing of mother earth. MP3 file, 8.5 megs
Native American traditions of healing for spirit, environment: Nanish Shontie
Native American traditions of healing for spirit, environment: Nanish Shontie

Nanish Shontie is a new Native American community based in Monmouth, Oregon. (click here for map). The son of the late Rolling Thunder, Mala Spotted Eagle, was guided to Oregon to establish the Nanish Shontie community. They will be doing workshops and sharing medicine traditions -- all to help people learn how to be good care takers of mother earth. They will not charge for medicine traditions. They do not view themselves as having "the answer," and are interested in working with environmental groups and all people of all spiritual backgrounds.

Nanish Shontie is a native phrase meaning "to ask the creator for a blessing." It's an inter-tribal, inter-racial native guided community and healing center based upon Native American traditions and way of life.

Mala Spotted Eagle was on KPFK's "Something's Happening" at midnight today. Here's the recording. Unfortunately, I missed the first 5 minutes of the program. However, what's here is fascinating and of use to anyone interested in what Native Americans are doing.

If you would like to know more about them, to go their website, Nanish.org. Their contact information is located here.

The mp3 file is 8.5 megabytes. The program runs for just under 50 minutes.

Nanish Shontie Logo 22.Jan.2003 13:53


Nanish Shontie Logo
Nanish Shontie Logo

streaming version 22.Jan.2003 13:57


Click here to fire-up a streaming version of the mp3. Some browsers/players will not let you stream mp3s as found in the first post above, so I thought I'd toss this out here to help ya. If you want to download the mp3 file, use the link in the first message.

Native Spirituality 23.Jan.2003 02:05

AmazonWarriorWoman arieldawn@3web.net

Mitakuye Oyasin
In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse

Nanish Shontie talk recorded from Ziggy Jan. 02.Apr.2003 11:08

Nanish Shontie nanishshontie@aol.com

We have lost the email address of Ziggy who recorded Mala's talk on Jan. 22 or 23 2003 with KPKK Roy Tuckman. We would like to contact him again. Thanks for posting the Nanish Shontie radio show on your website. Sky & Mala

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