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Student Strike Planned

Student Strike planned for the day war officially resumes in Iraq, if it officially resumes.
Northwest Campus Peace Coalition
Contact: Tom Mooney

Monday, January 20, 2003

NWCPC To Organize Student Walk-out Against the War

The Northwest Campus Peace Coalition announces today that it is organizing a student walk-out on the day U.S. forces resume official hostilities against Iraq. The walk-out will take place at 2:00 p.m. on the day bombing begins, or the next day if bombing begins after 4:00 p.m. If military strikes begin on the weekend the walk-out will take place the next business day. Students will leave their classes and join the city-wide demonstration at Terry Shrunk Plaza.
"We are sending the message that it will not be business as usual if our government attacks Iraq. We value our education, but we must show resistance to an unjust and immoral war." Says Tom Mooney, an NWCPC organizer at Portland State University.
NWCPC volunteers will be organizing students at campuses across the state and in southern Washington, urging them to pledge to join the walk-out. The coalition will also be soliciting the support of faculty and staff at all member schools.
The Northwest Campus Peace Coalition is a coalition of student activists at universities, community colleges and high schools in Oregon and southern Washington who organize students to resist war and violence.

phone: phone: (503)892-8777 or (50

What are the alternatives to war ? 22.Jan.2003 15:46


I hear in many ways and many times " No War" "No War" , " No Blood For Oil", "No War With Iraq" and I am not opposed, but What Are Alternatives To War ?

You students and teachers should know that education is one. Nurturing is another. Dialogue and true balances of rights with responsabilities are two more.

Why do I hear so little of alternatives to war ?

What are you for ?

What do you want ?

We need to get in our minds alternatives to war. We need to speak of them, we need share our thoughts of them. How else might we remember them ?

If we do not remember alternatives to war how can we carry them with us, wherever we each might go, and use them ? How else to get them clear in our minds but speak of them and offer to share them, how else to aquire confidence in the practice of them other than with the experience of that practice ?

If we do not remember alternatives to war how can we carry them with us, wherever we each might go, and use them ?


Students' Strike is Important 22.Jan.2003 17:42

plurality plurality@hotmail.com

Holy shit! Over-fed middle-class marshmallow-backboned students are going to upset the whole goddam country by cutting their classes! If that doesn't stop (or prevent!) a war, then I don't know what would.
Seriously, imbeciles, do you think anybody gives a fucking shit what you do, when their are people out of work, people under paid, people struggling with two jobs, people who would give their left nut (or ovary) to be able to go to school, and you're going to walk out in some meaningless gesture? Yeah, sure, you've got to take a stand, right? What shit. If you really what to do something that'll get attention from the White House and make them think twice about a war, why not join the human shield brigade? Go to Iraq (there are organizations that will facilitate your visas, travel arrangements, etc.) and live and be near the sensitive targets. Your government would never bomb you spoiled brats, the political fall-out would be too great.
Now that's what I would call a real protest, not just parading around and congratulating yourselves before the nightly beer and screwing party.
by the way, the war is coming, and if you'd like to bet me otherwise, pls e=mail to above address. Just ask Dad for $100 - $1,000, and we'll do some business (with escrow agent and other safeguards to make sure you pay up after you lose).

alternative? 22.Jan.2003 18:05


hey zippo, here's an alernative to war with iraq: no war with iraq. pretty fucking simple isn't it?

i understand your point but what are the resaons for war with iraq? no one has offered me any convincing arguments so far.

hey 'plurality' 22.Jan.2003 18:42

put your money where your big mouth is

why don't you ENLIST--

and prove your point beyond all "wagering"?

to plurality 23.Jan.2003 19:44

sky larkin

i grew up on food stamps in brooklyn and am going to PCC on financial aid. Ii am helping organize the student strike becuase throughout US history when students take a stand, the media picks it up and if that happens thats that much more attention on the war that the general public sees. We are joining the terry shrunk plaza rally downtown in solidarity. So i'm not some trustifariian and even if i was, so what? If i choose to spend my privelege working towards helping others, then more power to me. At least i give a shit to do something that i feel will be effective. Just cause someone is lucky enough to not be poor and struggling doesn't mean they're an asshole, especially if they are spending their free time organizing for the betterment of society. The movement needs to happen on all fronts, from all angles, so if you can go be a human baricade, that's wonderful, go for it, but that is not something i feel i can do just yet.

Thanks for your opinion.

Peace and Justice!
Rise up.

P.S. don't be the wedge that keeps us seperated, that's what the "man" wants, for us to bicker, while the real problem percolates, boils, explodes, and kills the innocent, breeds more suffering.