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New Animal Rights Show on KBOO

Sheila Brown is the host for the thirty minute pilot show that will have Animal Rights local and national news, announce upcoming events and have an interview with Paul Shapiro.
Animal Rights Radio on Portland KBOO

Rattling the Cage

Interview with Paul Shapiro of Compassion Over Killing
Paul is a member of Compassion Over Killing (COK), a Washington DC based grassroots group. The topic will be Open Animal Liberations. COK has been involved in a two open liberations at East coast factory farms where sickly hens were rescued from sure death and given a second chance at life. These brave activists risk their own freedom to save animals in desperate need and aren't afraid to admit they did it!
Please tune in January 22nd
THIS Wednesday
from 9:30 AM - 10 AM
90.7 FM Portland

You can also listen online!

If you are pleased with KBOO's Animal Rights programming, please let them know!

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Kathleen Stevenson
AM News Director
503 231 8032 ex: 202
Fantastic! 22.Jan.2003 11:00


Caught the show - Shelia was fantastic.Even though this was just a pilot we need to make sure she has a weekly spot at KBOO. Great show Shelia! Thanks!