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imperialism & war


quick victory in iraq followed with an upswing in the enconomy will
be 4 more years of w. or us stalls and attacks iraq next year will result a favorable climate for re election of bush for 4 more years.
a quick victory in iraq will result stabilized(controlled) oil supply and american international dominace will result in a favorable macroeconomic
circumstance for the global markets. everybody will be happy but the majority.

nevertheless the dow will recover to 8750-9250 and that false hope that clinton had will be adorned by the republican party. justices will be appointed and bush will be on the threshold of re-election. the democratic candidate liberman,
will be like bush but jewish. so the people will choose between bush or a bush want to be.

on the other hand if the war goes poorly or at least protracted then the economy will be further mired and the democrates will offer us the democratic candidate liberman,who will be like bush but jewish and harder on the palestinians.

what if bush brings everyone home, claims that he has sadam under control and
does not enven bomb iraq anymore than clinton did during his 8 years in office.
the economy will pick up and bush will run against the bush want to be.

the democrats simply have no heros or sheros, but perhaps senator murry. all
are gone in a plane crashs(whatever happend to the plane boss)or never were.

they gave up there leadership in giving the resident the war powers he did not deserve or need. a great great embarassment. they are now out of power. yes now the demos are more repulican than republicans and the republicans are just more fascist and in control.