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9.11 investigation

a list of demands!

a list of demands for the techno totalitarians
Here are a few things the U.S. citizenry could do to reassemble their
broken, 200-year-old fledgling democracy: demand full disclosure of the Bush
regime's oil deals; demand full disclosure by Bush of his complicity in
9-11; demand a full, independent investigation of Florida's 2000 election
vHere ote; demand the repeal of the Patriot and Homeland Security Acts; demand
impeachment proceedings be initiated against Bush and his cabinet for
treason against the people and the Constitution; demand full disclosure of
Cheney's involvement with Enron; demand the Bush regime be charged with
obstructions of justice; demand a full, independent investigation into the
death of Sen. Paul Wellstone and his family; demand an end to the Bush
regime's bribing other nations and the UN to achieve its
political/militaristic agendas; demand full disclosure of how much Bush's
friends have made off of his tenure as nearly-elected President; demand full
disclosure of U.S. biological, chemcial and nuclear weapons; demand UN
inspections of Bush's offshore bank accounts; demand the U.S. comply with
international laws and treaties, and discontinue funding nations that do not
comply with UN resolutions, such as Israel; demand that We-Weren't-Soldiers
Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz et al lead the front lines; demand full disclosure
of U.S. materials support to Iraq in the 80s, and of the Bush family's
business association with the bin Laden family, and why the bin Ladens
hurriedly departed the U.S. immediately following 9-11; demand the release
of all citizens or detainees deprived of the due process of law; and
finally, demand a stop to the Bush regime's terrorist scare tactics.

It's time for We the People, not We the Corporations and friends of the
Bush's, to be running this country.