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Children Want Honour More Than Food

An articulation of practicality to happiness.
'Putting food on the table' can no longer be used as an excuse to ignore love...

In the Name of All Holiness and Royalty

Let all people know that 'right' is ordained by love and that pride has NO authority.

Let all people know that love is alive and stands unopposed for strength comes from it.

Let all people know that virtue is real and measured off of love and that to know virtue is to know how to 'swim' through existence.

Let all people know that innocence owns happiness.

Let all people know there is no innocence in resentment, for there are NO enemies, only reflections of love deceived by pride.

Let all people know that there is no fear in love and no trauma too intimidating.

Let all people know love holds the wisdom, patience and inspiration to carry on through our forgiving ourselves.

Let all people know the time is now, for there is no denying humility's nature any longer, for anyone.

Let all people consider the reality of an exodus from pride and trust that love will see us through (and know that regardless if love will see us through or not there is still no excuse for contentment with corruption).

This is the dictate of love, which is the dictate of maturity.

Have much glory for the world of trust IS here and there is no room for pride. Have much glory for love IS real and pride is fallen. Have much glory.

in the full nature of love,


David Arthur Johnston

who IS love
who IS the source of honour
who IS you

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