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photos from army recruitment center

later in the day an independant journalist went past the army recruitment center and captured these images.
photos from army recruitment center
photos from army recruitment center
here are pictures from january 18th at the army recruitment center that was hit. heres the writing on the face of the building
and the window 21.Jan.2003 12:08


here is a closeup of the window.
and the window
and the window

To whoever did this... 21.Jan.2003 17:54

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Next time, don't take credit for it online. These kind of things can be traced, IndyMedia computers can be taken as evidence etc etc. Be discreet because getting busted these days can lead to serious "terrorist" jailtime under the USA PATRIOT gulag laws. Political prisoners aren't as helpful as free activists. Other than that; keep on keeping on.

the lost army 21.Jan.2003 18:16


i still don't know where that place is, and the pictures don't give any reference frame for location.

so like the top picture combined w/ other pictures where scenic continuity is developed between landmarks of note and known area markings (like street signs and/or landmarks that might be highly familiar).

true enough GS, if you do commit a crime, don't talk about it online or really to anyone who doesn't have to know what *might* have been done. i wouldn't eve talk about using drugs online, not that i use drugs.

this seems to be an article from someone who was just scooping the story.

nice job 21.Jan.2003 20:56

SI Chalmers

It only took one brick to make that window drop...

If you need to post something of a sensitive nature, use a library or college comp lab...a lot safer.

the entirety of the building 21.Jan.2003 22:10


these are stills from a video that was recorded well after the fact by an independant journalist. this still shows clearly the address of it or the building next door.
the entirety of the building
the entirety of the building

Hit em in the pocket book... 21.Jan.2003 22:10


For every $500 dollar window we fuckin' kick in that's 500 less dollars the war machine has to spend on bullets. 'Nuff Said!...

uhhh, no. 22.Jan.2003 17:41


"For every $500 dollar window we fuckin' kick in that's 500 less dollars the war machine has to spend on bullets. 'Nuff Said!..."

well, this might seem like a logical conclusion if it were a company that has to earn its money. but the military is funded by our tax money, so this rule does not apply.

it sould say: For every $500 dollar window we fuckin' kick in that's 500 more dollars in taxes they need to collect.

UUUHHH..Oh.H>>mmmO.Well.yeah!!! 22.Jan.2003 18:08

wrong again

Untill we decide to stop paying taxes and develop community based economies to aid us in our struggle to find independance from the monopoly of tyrants and the genocidal government they support.

Much props to WHOEVER-?'s did the deed!

Squabbling over 500 bucks misses it. 23.Jan.2003 09:11


How many new recruits are they going to draw in to a building in such a condition. It looks bad. If the perpetrators kept one nieve young guy from joining up they did far more damage to the war machine than $500. I personally would not take such an action because I like to be on the outside of prison, but I see their point. We all have our place in the movement.

what has this accomplished? 23.Jan.2003 09:24


You destroyed government property that can be replaced if you really were against the war effort you should have started during the presidential election. It should have been forseen that the president might engage us in such a conflict. His personal agenda has become a national agenda. Destoying gov't property will only increase your chances of fighting the battle from inside instead of outside. Think more strategic.

oh that is brilliant 23.Jan.2003 09:54


George W was NOT elected.
Our elections are rigged, by campaign money, by the party structure, by our corporate media, and when that is not enough corrupt Florida State Cops, corrupt election officials and a partisan Surpeme Court (some of which were confirmed into office by Liberman and Gore). That is not to say electoral politics is dead, people still need to partisipate, but working entirely within a rigged system is foolish. People need to "think outside the box". Making the military pay a higher price for it's stooges is one way.