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Council to debate Sten's resolution, 2pm, 22 Jan

Portland City Council will debate passing Eric Sten's resolution opposing unilateral preemptive military action against Iraq. 2:00 PM, City Hall, Wednesday 22 January.
Summary says it all. Be there!

address: address: Portland, OR

text of resolution online 20.Jan.2003 22:30


You can read the text of the proposed resolution online at www.pdxpeace.org

WTF? 21.Jan.2003 01:22

Orarchist orarchist@yahoo.com

What a waste of the City Council's time. It makes no difference to anyone or anything whether the Portland City Council approves or disapprove of military action. If the Council members want to make a statement of their own position that is one thing, but for the Council to take a position as representative of the City of Portland is ridiculous. No one voted for them based on their foriegn affairs knowledge and as far as I know deciding the question of going to war is not within its powers. This is just some lame grandstand play by one of the Council members and deserves to be ignored.

Not a waste of time 21.Jan.2003 09:02


It makes a difference to me whether or not the city is willing to take a stand on the issue of the Iraq war. Increasingly I feel a nearly complete disconnect between what the general population wants and needs and the actions of the Federal Government; it seems that the wealthy class and corporations have the full attention of Washington. When the Federal Government fails to listen to the people, it falls to the state, county, and city governments to help provide a voice for them.

Yes, I also doubt that anyone considered foriegn policy when voting for city council members, but over 20,000 people showed up this Saturday to let their opinions against the war be known. I'd venture a guess that each of the people that showed up at the rally could name another 10 people that weren't there that are also against the war. I believe that is grounds for the city to take a stand against this war.

If you are for this war, you don't need to call the city council members; your opinions are already being represented by bush and his war cabinet. But if you have concerns about the U.S. setting the precedence of a "pre-emptive defensive" war, then call each of the members and push for this resolution, because your voice is not being heard in Washington. The resolution is largely symbolic, but it is an important step towards creating a more just society and world.

Measure defeated 22.Jan.2003 17:38


With 99.5% of the crowd and speakers for the resolution, it was defeated. Saltzman was a no-show. Francesconi is a wimp. Leonard reminded me why my vote for Serena Cruz was a vote for the better candidate. Katz made a poweful closing speech that impressed me, although I disagree with her on a number of points.

If we had more politicians like Mr. Sten, the world would be a better place. Too bad about the rest of the sorry excuse we have for a city council.

whoah 23.Jan.2003 01:42

clamydia clamydia@mail.com

before everyone wears their hands out patting sten on the back, remember that he DID vote to keep the PJTTF in Portland awhile ago...