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MLK Rally in N/NE Portland

I'm marching with the ROOTS (Reclaiming Our Origins Through Struggle) People of Color contingent. Starts at 5:30pm Monday at 33 N Monroe.
Come to the march please.

phone: phone: 503-288-6464
address: address: 831 N Watts

Start Location 20.Jan.2003 16:00

map fiend

I wasn't sure where Monroe was even though I bike past it all the time, so I looked it up. If anyone else was curious it's four blocks south of Fremont.

Why Bow To Dead Communist & Womanizer! 21.Jan.2003 07:15

Nat POed

I understand the need to stand against oppression. I'm all for that. But why do we celebrate MLK when he was a womanising communist. He trained with some of the best and that's an historical fact. The fact that he was with two women the night before he was shot and a fight between them broke out that morning shortly before he was shot.
Why would we honor someone like that?
Is it our stance to honor adultry, and the support of communism and the destruction of our Constitutional Republic? Get real, and quit bowing down to dead people, that is IDOLATRY!

So what if he's a serial lover? 21.Jan.2003 18:12

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Explain to me how someone's womanising has anything at all to do with their activism? The fact that you consider "communist" a horrible insult is a clue, Nat. Educate yourself. MLK is against bowing down to dead capitalist slave-owning "founding fathers." MLK is the only establishment-respected anti-capitalist. How is capitalism any help to anyone except the ruling elite, Nat?

Adultery is a sexist holdover from the days when men "owned" their wives. I call BS.

Amending my stupid remarks 21.Jan.2003 19:07

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Upon reflection, my above comment is a hasty and reactionary response to a critique of a dead idol. My apologies. Infidelity has a lot to do with someone's integrity as a person. If someone lies to their spouse, their entire way of thinking can logically be called into question. The fact that infidelity is completely against Christianity, and that MLK was a reverand, also is pertinent. Monogamy is an honorable, committed mode of behaviour that has served billions very, very well.

I just appreciate the fact that the establishment actually honors an African-American that is both anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist, even if the establishment doesn't openly acknowledge those aspects of his activism