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Spin control takes another turn

Sometimes "All the People" means not just the heel of the loaf.
During the past year the Portland Indymedia site has become a study in censoring moderate views. Why is that? While multiple postings of extreme right rants are common, responses of mellow or moderates are frequently loss. Don't say 'hidden'. Hidden in an open publishing environment is the same as lost. Extreme right rants will always be a crowd pleaser in stoking the pangs of plebian politics. Indy media world wide is working fine. But there is, in the city that gave us March Nazis in the nineties, fragmentation of the left that appears so effective one is well to ask if it has been engineered by those who always gain by infighting of the left. The Portland Paranoia Recycling Center (the other PPRC) needs to lighten up. Anyone without jailhouse tats, body pricing, or showing original equipment for hair is not necessary an FBI agent. More than a few people have noticed the self-importance value of some 'organizers' who treat newcomers as Police informants. Hey you're not that effective.

The largest turn out in Portland's history, Jan. 18, 2003, was a study in diversity. Class diversity. Hey we all need someone constantly pointing out the bright future by eliminating the Classes as soon as possible. Of the 25,000+ people the main body was main stream. If you want to stop a war it will take a broad approach, like a democratic act. Please what is the purpose of Posts calling for an end to civilization (post-cultivation) if you are using the internet? Isn't that like a phone campaign to stop telecommunications? Or bombs for peace.

While any site is to be praised for publishing statements like, "Oooooo. "xxx" got all MAD! Such a deal. Like, he hopes (his word, "hopes", duh) something about "soldiers" beating you up, or some such bullshit. I've got news for "xxx". You ARE soldiers! "Official" soldiers at the recruiting station just wear soldier suits & push papers, into the faces of youth, who need a job, & the only one available is the army, & who've been lied to by a fascist government about so-called "patriotism". You ARE the soldiers, Radicals. Just be cautious. Fascists are vicious" (Randomly picked from today's news) who doesn't like a good cat fight? But it is time to let the formaldehyde evaporate from Lenin.

Elitism in communication has its place it is called Corporate Media. Reach out and touch someone.
Love it or leave it 20.Jan.2003 18:21


If you don't like Indy Media don't read it. Anarchist rule?? We'll tell you what to think. Violence is cool as long as it's not happening to me. We are 0.0000000001003% of the population that's why we don't need to vote or get along. (joke)

OK Mark, I see what you are saying empty barrels make the most noise. Call them leaderless but they sure march well. What ever happen to Peace, Love and Understanding. They are the assholes that take credit for the work of others.

compromise position 21.Jan.2003 09:58

Vera "evil dwarf" Katz

OK, so can we agree that Indymedia censors are occasionally heavy-handed in their suppression of "liberal" positions, AND that the crowd on Saturday, while huge, was not exactly full of people I'd want beside me on a barricade.

I was glad to see so many people turn out, but I think the highest and noblest use for 90% of that mob, would be to sew them a giant sack, airlift them to Crawford, TX when Bush is visiting and drop the whole obese, steaming mass right on top of him. FLABALANCHE!

Sure, I'd rather see 20K liberals in the street than 20K Nazis, but I really want 20K brick throwing radicals, I'll even make a beer run.

evil Katan 21.Jan.2003 18:32

Vera da Dwarf

the mayor (not saying which city) DOES remind me of a dwarf, or a hobgoblin or something! her thinking isn't the only thing that's scary about her.