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Local media actually doing its job!!!

Corporate media reports on peace marches across the nation... without simultaneously slandering them!!!
Local reports are starting to be broadcast regarding the marches today. Amazingly, the coverage was much more positive than the usual fare. They even stressed the fact that there were no scuffles and no arrests. Fucking incredible! The best part was a follow-up story about how nothing (aside from the demo) happened downtown today. How nice for us.
Perhaps they sense that this issue could rip America's facade wide open if the war happens... Who knows?

Maybe we can still stop it before it starts. If we can't; you'd better fucking believe we'll stop it after it starts by using any means necessary.


btw... 42,000 people marced in SF today!
actually... 18.Jan.2003 17:35


SF cops are saying 200,000

Pacifica Radio is reporting 350,000

also, it looks like The cops are starting to freak out in SF, anyone have any good news about that?

way over 150,000 in San Francisco 18.Jan.2003 17:39


The Associated Press and the SF Police have so far been way off the mark.

I was at the Oct. 26th demo and today, at least 2.5 times as many people were here. That puts the number at well over 150,000.

Cops not freaking out, but... : ) 20.Jan.2003 19:03


The cops in SF were cool, as usual. Either they were outwardly friendly, or they were in Palace Guard mode. But I saw zero pigs, helmets only on the bike cops, no mace or pepper spray in presence, and very low profiles. Also, on top of one of the buildings, above the square, VERY visible, there was a Huge cop in uniform, doing really cool Karate Poses and holding them. The vibes must have been very nice up there :)

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