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Vancouver WA Peace March

Vancouver WA had a rare peace march today. Usually, we just hook up with Portland.
Vancouver WA had a rare peace march today. Activists here usually just hook up with Portland, which we again did today. Our march was in the morning, from Clark College to downtown & back. We attracted about 400 peaceful people of wide demographic! That's a lot for us, & this was planned less than two weeks ago. Made us happy. The peace wave is growing, sisters & brothers. Let us make it bigger & bigger, to sweep across the entire planet.
SUN shines on Vancouver! 18.Jan.2003 20:36


It's about time Vancouver was marching for peace! I've been crossing over the Columbia weekly to join PPRC Friday at the Square, so soon it'll be time for Portland to cross over North and join us. It would blow conservative Vancouver away! It would be an awesome joint action. We have a no. of peace groups now, Vancouver for Peace, the Clark County Greens, the Peace/Justice Team of MSUUF and others. We have a peace resolution coming up! MLK Day lived forever today! Wave the Dove, water the sunflowers, cuz PEACE LIVEs in Vancouver and the world. Stop the War. gk.

Thanks, Edie & Gary 19.Jan.2003 15:36

Den Mark

I want to add that Vancouver's peace march was initiated by a peaceful intelligent couple, Edie & Gary, with help from their friends. Every movement forward is the work of a person or two with an inspiration. Thanks, to ALL such inspired persons, everywhere. We ARE making a difference.