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Get downtown and protest the war!

all over the country today people will be protesting the war. of course, if enough people lived their lives anti-war (not driving, not over-consuming, not knuckling under to authority) then we wouldn't need these big efforts, but these events are important in the meantime. (although "meantime" is probably not too long, considering the imminent collapse of the biosphere.) anyway, get out on the street today and make some noise!
Announced Details: A regional coalition of mainstream peace and justice organizations and churches have announced a 12:30 start time in the South Park Blocks. [ DETAILS | FLYERS ] At the same time, a radical feeder march will gather for action in the North Park Blocks [ DETAILS | FLYERS ] and will be joined by a very special Critical Mass! [ DETAILS ] First aid providers will be in attendance. [ DETAILS ] Free community child care for the day is available. [ DETAILS ] Mass mobilizations will be occuring in S.F. and D.C. that same day. [ DETAILS ]
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