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imperialism & war

*what* in the FUCK is UP with THE REGIME??

WHY have Bu$h & Co. *backed off* the tough talk RE:


North Korea
Consider this 17.Jan.2003 19:30

Mike V

It is not too outrageous to judge the behavior of the Bush junta in terms of immediate political advantage. The dog has been wagged numerous times in the last couple of years, with most effect in the run-up to the 2002 elections. Recall that the rhetoric at the time suggested imminent danger, and an urgent need to deal with Iraq as soon as possible. A cowed and distracted electorate did its Pavlovian duty.

To some extent, it appears that brinksmanship is in play, and conflicting (not to say nonsensical or outright insane) messages from imperial headquarters are designed to keep the citizenry jazzed in a state of panic and uncertainty.

Jan. 27th looms large; but the concurrent news is that the military build-up is not likely to be complete until a few weeks later.

If this continues, we will have on-again, off-again warnings of war, until sometime in 2004 -- when Karl Rove judges the time most auspicious for Republican electoral odds.



Cooling its heels 18.Jan.2003 00:01


while the revelation of the method coasts, letting our fellow jews and assorted internees police one another, keeping each other in line, telling us to keep our cages clean.

don't you watch the history channel?