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War propaganda in mainstream U.S. media is riding a fever pitch, especially the cable news stations. CNN is a case in point regarding its North Korea coverage. Note how each report is underlaid by stark images of colums of goosestepping soldiers and tanks--the message being that North Korea is a militaristic nation with an army of one million strong poised to strike against the U.S. What's instructive is what is shown and what is omitted. We are not privileged to see, for instance, shots of normal North Korean citizens going about their daily business of going to work, shopping, etc, or shots of mothers clutching their babies. We are, however, treated to such images as they apply to Seoul! The exact same kind of omission coverage applies to what we are presented as Iraqi news--Saddam Hussein speaking from a podium lined with his nation's flag and surrounded by his generals. But we don't get to see images of average citizens--apparently they are all bound and gagged in their homes, starving, while defiant Saddam eats caviar and drinks Cola Cola and delivers belligerent rants.

A nation bombarded with these kinds of selective images and reports soon grows to associate these countries with aggression. Meanwhile back at the home ranch, we are presented mostly with images of U.S soldiers packing up and kissing their wives and babies goodbye as they prepare to depart to fight evil.

A 'free and open corporate media" in America is a bald myth. It selects and filters what it wants you to hear and see.
SHAMELESS CNN 17.Jan.2003 13:29

Dustin Klingebiel dklingebiel@hotmail.com

Just one of many examples, but CNN just covered some of the anti-war protest happening abroad, in Iraq and elsewhere. ALL!! that it said was groups of people were gathering to protest the war on Iraq, and that if we attacked, they would attack back, DUH!! who wouldn't fight back. The caption displayed throughout the ridiculously short piece was, "Pro Suddam Hussein, Anti-US" I love how our media trys to pit everyone against one another, as if protesting the WAR considered by our government directly correlates to Iraquies hating americans, I am protesting the war too, but not the US. Simple language leads to simple minded thought.

Mainstream Media is really swill. 17.Jan.2003 20:30


The only thing the mainstream media presswhores are good for is to try and read between the lines and figure out what line of crap they are trying to sell today. Otherwise they are Chaos Merchants. The whole point is to get everybody who watches into a state of agitation so that they feel that they must tune in to find out what awful thing has happened now. While I don't believe in sugar coating the truth living on a steady diet of bad news kills the soul. I make it a point to avoid the presswhores and get my news from more respectable sources - which isn't hard. I consider my neighborhood bookie more respectable.

One thing though - the fact that they are beginning to cover antiwar protests at all is a good sign. It means that there is enough momentum to where they figured they had to cover it or lose (more) credibility.

VIVA LA RESISTANCE'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!