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poetry movement 1.12.03

this week in prose
the day was delightful
full of light
even as the darkened
corners of the room
crowded in on our
naked bodies

there we were
out in broad daylight
trying to hide our love
from the world
this forbidden relationship

inertia swallows
me whole
my passion
as I lie
dreaming of
what could be

the rain pouring
I think of all
of the tears
that you
hold onto
no flowers
grow at
your door

when I asked her
she, not even with pause
said that she
had no doubts
as if the question
had no other purpose
than mere curiosity
I admitted to
fickleness as
I looked at
him sitting
back against the wall
quiet ~ reserved
he said
me too

her phone calls
more constant
more desperate
as she tries
to hold onto
what has already
slipped away
evaporated into
thin air

he called
again, profuse apologies
empty promises
my heart
can no longer
be broken
I've already
collected the pieces
and made a mosaic
held together
with an impenetratable

her blue flame eyes
make my heart
skip like a
playful child
as she reaches out
her arms
for me
to hold her