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rush to war

the forgotten victims of war
To the many who have never been to war, why are you is such a rush. There will always be a time to war as long as there is another human being on this planet to kill.
We should all want peace; For who wants to war all their lives? Peace is an admirable desire unlike war. I strongly suspect that if you want to war you have never been to war, nor seen the horrors of it ,nor smelled the burning flesh , nor seen arms without bodies. You have never seen babies crying and calling out to their dead mothers.... ..tugging on their torn bodies.
Nor have you heard the cries of children praying for their fathers in a far away land. Nor been with a wife as she reads that her husband was killed in combat. And to the parents of the young soldiers, for whom they had so many dreams, only to read they are dead; what will you tell them. So why do you rush to War?

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