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The vote for measure 28 will refect oregonians trust in the state government?
Measure 28

The Oregonians are going to vote on a ballot initiative to raise taxes or not. There is pros and con to this ballot. Is government able to put the money to good use or not?

Is it implicit in the initiative that the depression may be 3 more years longer in duration. Its been rumored that Oregon needs sales tax or greater property taxes. Did Oregon may have very well invested in the companies that ransacked the northwest, the west... And now, he same companies will benefit I suspect when the US military slices the throat of Iraq's leadership. Did TV media, and Newspaper media watched complicity as the government, recent analysis shows the news and State wanting for trust.

The Voters Pamphlet analysis of Measure 28 gives about 8 pages for the vote and 2 against. The Legislature and Governor could not sacrifice their differences to prevent this, but wants you to it a bit more money. What will the people decide?