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MICROPLATFORM antifascista

This is a open project between Micro-Solco (Italia) and The Platform (Argentina), to give an noisly antifascist answer to repression against social movements. In the last times, the newlyberalist goverments have intensify the attack against those who fight for justice and solidarity. Microplatform participate from the cultural musical front to support the 3 italian antifascists who was arrested the 12th september 2001, as a part of an strategy to attack the movement. "sostieni gli antifascisti, liberare tutti!"
MICROPLATFORM antifascista
MICROPLATFORM antifascista

Born of the union between Micro-Solco (Italy) and The Platform (Argentina) to create an antifascist music proyect that can be another answer against repression.
The Berlusconi goverment has played a central roll in the today's news because has practiced a hard repression agaisnt the dissident movement.
It didnĀ“t have problems to order the aggression against the anticapitalist demostration in Genova, and even justified the execution of the activist Carlo Guliani.
Now, the antifascist movement in Italy is ready to reply to a new attack.
The`police lie against 3 antifascist militants, who has been accused of assault to neonazis 14th April 2001, when they was celebrating the anniversary of the dead of Mussolini.
The Berlusconi goverment not only want to permit the fascist actions, of course, it has to be said that it want to frighten to people who figth against the neoliberal order.
Microplatform open a musical front in support to the militants arrested, today 10th january 2003, in the day of the proceeding.
From this political niche, we want to extend the solidarity with the anarchist prisioners of Valencia and support the brave fight of the mothers of the resistance in Argentina, "las Madres de Plaza de Mayo", and to be join in the Fight of the "Piqueteros".


"100 per 100 antifascista"

"antifascista "



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ITALY: (Milano)


Two years ago, on April 25th 2001, in Piazza Loreto during the defence remembering the partisan slaughter made by nazi and the Liberation Anniversary, some neo-fascists came with a flower crown to commemorate the dictator Mussolini.
In the square there were hundreds of antifascists who reacted very quickly, bringing far from the square the fascists, and letting the celebrations go ahead, all day long.
5 months later, on September 12th 2001, three members of the Milanese antagonist movement were arrested.
Pretext: evidence defilement.
A "big intelligence operation", announced in every newspaper.
The result?
Some red flags and 2 "agendineSSS" sequestrated.
The penalty for this crime arrives to 7 years of jail.
Let's this be the occasion for us to bring the historical revisionism to trial, by which the right wing and new neo-nazi groups are legitimated.
We want to accuse the repressive strategy that criminalizes the disagreement and tries to make silent antagonist movements, through denunciations, special surveillance, caution guardianship, and even jail.
The new order of the world is under discussion because of the big antagonist movements, growing everywhere; but they are under accuse because of new European Parliamentary Bills, that call this evolution "terrorism".
Dozens of comrades from "Rebel South" arrested for "politics conspiracy and tendency to subversion" clearly show what the repressive strategy wants: breaking up the unity and strength among working class, unemployed, students and migrantes.
We don't want to play on defence.
We want to scream the passwords that unify our movement: job, salary, house, health, and culture rights.
Hundreds of comrades were present during the sitting and demos, because we believe it's really important a whole support for the accused.

We believe this is a political trial, and our declarations and text will follow this provocation.
Our witness is Luigi Borgomastri, from Milanese Institute of Contemporary History and Labour Movement and technical consultant for the Public Prosecutor in the trial against the nazi killer condemned for the slaughter in Piazza Loreto.