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Poetry Movement January 11th 2003

Nobody knew...

An American white trash family
Tunes into CNN news on their TV
They make war fun, cause their lives are bores
Screaming "nuke em nuke em, hooray for wars!"


George W Bush tells them war is near
They're all excited, they have no fear!
They've got no idea of what they've become
Tools for the war, they're frickin dumb!

NO WAY! :0

The end result is looking gross
As World War 3 gets disturbingly close
Eating their popcorn, drinking their beer
Can't wait for the war machines to appear


The next day they make a bet with cash
Of who will be the first with the small pox rash!
The prize money goes to the Mother
2nd place Father, and 3rd place Brother


Their dream is about to come true!
A War plane is flying out of the blue
The children go and get their mom
they run to the window to see a bomb!


Thought it was cool to look into the flash
They have Burning retnas, radition and a rash
Everyone is dying and they don't know what to do
Nobody won this this game, cause nobody knew!

:( awww
Yep, blame it on the poor 11.Jan.2003 21:07


There are people in America who expect to see a war. Sure, maybe some of them are working-class whites. Although of anyone, they probably have the least vested interest in seeing it happen -- most of the U.S. military is white and from a working class background, and I doubt their families want to see them put in harm's way.

If you call yourself a poet, PaleWill, care about your words.

Be concerned about Americans' sense of remove. Anyone read Joan Didion's article in the New York Review of Books? She says that the overwhelming majority of people she talks to on her book/lecture tours regard an Iraq war as inevitable, regardless of their politics. The U.S. government has been its own animal for at least sixty years, and the consequence is that the rest of us feel weaker, less able to be heard.

Most people are worried. The ones who aren't, are in the minority -- unfortunately, many of them work in government. As for anti-war activists, we continue to put our faith in a constitution of diminishing importance. Any other suggestions?

City Scene II 11.Jan.2003 23:31

The Redcoat

The shadow
of a hand
striking a bongo
at the
Red and Black