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Class warfare on the Oregon Health Plan

I sent this letter to The Oregonian --
 letters@news.oregonian.com -- and Portland Tribune --
 letters@portlandtribune.com. I strongly suggest you do
likewise. Also send a copy to your state legislator --
The Oregon Health Plan should have been the last program cut
by the state legislature. Instead it was one of the first. I'm
very concerned about mentally ill people I've known, who
will no longer get treatment through OHP. The mental health
system, already in deep trouble, is now in danger of

There is no excuse for this. Legislators are waging class
warfare, like the cold greedy middle-class pigs they are. In
the next election I will vote against all incumbents.

homepage: homepage: http://www.healthcareforalloregon.org/

WHO DO YOU LOVE? 11.Jan.2003 22:49


Measure 28

The Oregonians are going to vote on a ballot initiative to raise taxes or not. There is pros and con to this ballot. Is government able to put the money to good use or not?

Is it implicit in the initiative that the depression may be 3 more years longer in duration. Its been rumored that Oregon needs sales tax or greater property taxes. Did Oregon may have very well invested in the companies that ransacked the northwest, the west... And now, he same companies will benefit I suspect when the US military slices the throat of Iraq's leadership. Did TV media, and Newspaper media watched complicity as the government, recent analysis shows the news and State wanting for trust.

The Voters Pamphlet analysis of Measure 28 gives about 8 pages for the vote and 2 against. The Legislature and Governor could not sacrifice their differences to prevent
this, but wants you to it a bit more money. What will the people decide?

well, well, well 13.Jan.2003 00:20


You are finally coming around to seeing Liberalism for what it really is. They are threatening to cut these programs to SCARE you into voting to give more of your tax money to them, so that they can further their political power. No one is suprised at this, you know. It is what Big Government is really good at. And, idealists that you are, you will continue to vote for more and more government here in Oregon, until the very last businesses and people who pay these outrageously inflated taxes flee the State for good, and it implodes, all so people who do not pay any taxes can have the dubious honor of crummy free medical care, paid for by the people who DO pay taxes. And Vera and her cronies will continue to ride around in limos, plan absurd Ice Skting rinks downtown, and live very well off of the fat of the land, indeed.

grrrrrrr 13.Jan.2003 00:55


Those doggone politicians... they spend our budget on stupid shit and then cut school taxes. So if we pass this, then we end up with our money still going where we don't want it to and then the schools barely tread water for three more years, at which time the economy will still be in the tank from outrageous military spending and a huge defecit. Assholes.

Now, I don't know about you, but, I think if we had a sales tax, well, people have to buy come good times and bad, so that'd be a source of income that wouldn't fluctuate as much with the economy.

I may vote yes, because those bastards really WILL cut school funding, but I will hate it every step of the way. Or I may vote no. Either way, they are getting a letter and I am telling them how I think they're wasting my money. Like, for instance, locking up pot heads.