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Part 2. No Bomb? Your Screwed. Gotta Bomb? We're Cool.

It's been an amazing week and a half of watching the Bush administration's own foreign-policy bite Bush in the ass so hard you could see him wince every time the showed his miserable face`
Part 2. No Bomb? Your Screwed. Gotta Bomb? We're Cool.

By Lloyd Hart

With the aid to Brazil's new president suggesting that Brazil seek nuclear-weapons and North Korea claiming that they have right to protect themselves from U.S. aggression as they officially pull themselves out of the non proliferation Treaty, not just the other shoe is dropping. An entire container load of Brazilian and Korean made shoes has buried the Bush regime's Axis of Evil foreign policy push under the foreign policy leather Republicans like to claim they have a monopoly on. It's been an amazing week and a half of watching the Bush administration's own foreign-policy bite Bush in the ass so hard you could see him wince every time the showed his miserable face in public. But what was more interesting, was watching the Democrats completely drop the ball on the fact that while the Bush regime has made the American people into largest promoters of the proliferation of weapons of mass destructionin in the world they also showed their hand with respect to Iraq. Many people tried to wrap their minds around the North Korean/Iraq policy paradox but they didn't go all the way to the only conclusion one could make, that the invasion of Iraq is strictly about securing strategic oil supply.

Wendy Sherman president Clinton's North Korean coordinator stated on Diane Ream's show this weekend that the North Korean/Iraq policy paradox tells the world the only way to protect themselves from invasion of the U.S. is to have a bomb but she didn't go all the way and say that the policy paradox actually proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the invasion of Iraq is strictly about securing the strategic oil supply. There were all kinds of op-ed pieces and editorial questions challenging the Bush regime on this incredible lack of foresight and calculation of the U.S. pulling out of all the international weapons of mass destruction treaties would do, what the Axis of Evil speech would do and of course what the North Korean policy would do to the U.S. credibility gap growing wider and wider every time somebody from the Bush regime opens their mouth. But yet absolutely nothing concerning what many leaked documents and the North Korean/Iraq policy paradox have proven, that its still about the oil stupid.

And with a Otto Reich's failure to bring Chavez and Venezuela under heel and the vast wealth of oil in the Central Asian republics turning out not to be so wealthy and the Afghan countryside turning out to be as prickly (too prickly for a military installed pipeline) as it was before 9/11, the generals are putting all hands on deck and steaming straight for Iraq.

And of course, with Colin Powell coming out yesterday and reiterating the right of the U.S. to invade Iraq regardless of what the world says, making his speech and belying his very own knowledge that the words coming out of his mouth were total and utter crap. The shaky timbre of his voice reminded me of Richard Nixon and the incredible affront Nixon would put up all the while not believing one word of what he was saying. Powell's pathetic attempt to put up a tough front tells us that the executive branch is not driving this policy and in fact the more I analyze it, the lack of caring about what the world thinks reveals to me that the entire program from stealing the election to 9/11 to the invasion of Iraq is strictly coming through the Pentagon from the Rand Corp. and their cadre of conservative elites that own the military contracting and energy sectors globally. What also leads me to believe that the Bush gang aren't thinking for themselves is a lack of speed by which the Bush regime responds to events of breaking out before them. Of Course this could just be the lead poisoning but I doubt it. Some of the smarter strategic thinkers in the Pentagon realize that in order for the U.S. to take on the entire Arab world in the domino theory of their so-called military democratizing of the region illustrated by all the retired general's quoting from the Rand report the U.S. would have to reinstate the draft and commit massive civilian genocide. One can only draw the conclusion that the invasion of Iraq just like Afghanistan is really a public subsidy being provided to the oil corporations in the form of our children's blood. Although in an interesting aside Representative Charles Rangel did little preemption of his own by introducing a piece of legislation that would force the rich kids to provide some of their own blood to the overall public subsidy to maintain our oil hegemony. But I have to remind Mr. Rangel that the conservative elites simply look at their children as a commodity to be spent in the name of their own wealth and power and would probably turn it Rangel's legislation into a propaganda advantage for themselves just as they used Bono from the band U2 on the campaign trail last year with the Treasury secretary's trip to Africa and Bono actually getting up on a stage with George Bush.
As I have written in the past, a military completely dependent on oil will not be able to maintain its control of the world around it if the oil is divvied out to those countries that are presently rising up to throw off the military and foreign corporate control of those nations' peoples and resources. So the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon along with their energy sector pals and the stolen White House are going after the one resource that will allow them to bring their national security strategy or as they like to call it, "the Bush Doctrine"of total global military primacy to fruition. Of course this also explains the incredible cowardice stinking from the Democratic Party. It's a known fact that the generals are crazy. Are paranoid schizophrenics with the world's greatest weaponry. So if anybody was wondering why the Democrats have put their tail between their legs. They simply just want to survive until the paranoid schizophrenic episode passes and the economy is in the trash and the public is so pissed off that they will accept a little terrorism just as long as the economy is healthy. Well I say the Democrats can take this strategy and shove it where the sun don't shine. They're only going to make it much worse for us and themselves by displaying this incredible act of cowardice that can only divide the left even further giving the right wing and the military the ability to once again steal the election in 2004.

What must happen now is the Democrats must not attempt to soft pedal the Republicans out of office in an election that where democrats will use the same old tired platform coming from the mouths of corrupt men. They must go for impeachment. Impeachment is the only way to curb the thirst for our blood that is growing greater and greater in the world that suffers under our military and corporate hegemony. Yes, some of the Democrats will probably be assassinated but they and their families will be heralded as heroes. And yes, it might even provoke a brief civil war but that would certainly be better than the military dictatorship we have now where all the instruments are place, all the civil-rights removed in order to declare a state of emergency. Impeachment is the only way to bring democracy back to life in America. Impeachment is the only way to tell the generals that they haven't vision nor the talent and skills to guide us into a future where communication and negotiation are the only weapons of choice. Where sharing all that we have with everyone else on this planet is the only sure strategy forrestoring our sence security and our tranquillity. The Bush family MUST BE TAUGHT the futility of their ways and how hollow are their victories. The only way to do this is charge George W. Bush and his regime with the crimes that they've actually committed right before our very eyes. We can start simply with theft of the election in 2000 and move through Enron to 9/11. George Bush and his fellow Orks must be taught that they can no longer use the conquest economic model to keep America's shill economy afloat.

With the world lining up against us do we have to wait until our economy is in the crapper with the U.S. dollar being flushed down the toilet as a result of Kenya, Brazil etc. etc. defaulting on their IMF/WORLD BANK loans as the only means to keep their own populations from killing their own elites. Do we have to waite until every nation on earth has nuclear weapons in which the side effect of processing uranium will be hundreds of millions dead and an environment so contaminated no one can live in it. Hell, Bush should simply just distributed the nuclear warheads that the U.S. military has pretended to dismantle to every nation on earth and spare us the uranium mining and processing. This way everyone will feel protected against U.S. military and corporate hegemony and everyone will be able sit down and have a chat as the Bush regime has proven is the only way the U.S. will talk


No Bomb? Your Screwed. Gotta Bomb? We're Cool. Part 1.

By Lloyd Hart

If you don't have the bomb we're going to preempt your ass and I mean, bomb the crap out of ya. But if you do have the bomb we'd be willing to talk to ya. That seems to be the Bush regimes' foreign policy after today's headlines. Saying to the rest of the world "you had better get the bomb or we're gonna bomb you back to the Stone Age." Creating the greatest policy contradiction in terms of stated foreign policy goals of the non proliferation and the actual results at the other end of the policy process.

Well, it is my opinion that someone just made the biggest horse's ass out of this Bush administration revealing to the world for absolute certain that Bush is lying about U.S. intentions in Iraq. We've all known on the left that it is really just about the oil and of course the Pentagon plan created five months before 9/11 that was leaked to the Sunday Herald couple months ago revealing the Bush administration's real intentions to invade Iraq are to secure the strategic oil supply for whatever moronic nine year-old conspiracy they've got a mind is the absolute truth.

I couldn't stop laughing this morning when I read Colin Powell's comments in The New York Times. The world's greatest superpower empire completely outwitted by a tiny, poor nation that the U.S. bombed the crap out of many decades ago causing the U.S. taxpayer to pay financially and with the blood of their sons and daughters a heavy price that produced no real results, merely just pain all the way around. The irony of being caught with your dick in the meat grinder I'm sure is not lost on the Bush administration. But you gotta ask just how stupid are these guys in the White House that they didn't see this one coming. Axis of Evil? what a joke. After today Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Colin Powell should simply just resign and spare us the process and the embarrassment of the fallen down drunk domestic and foreign policy yet to come from these idiots that couldn't even steal an election without corrupting the Supreme Court to all new lows. Spare us from the childish and moronic attempt at legitimizing the empty suit greed. You might as well fess up and admit to the American public and the world George, that you really don't have any policy at all other than getting the oil that you need to keep the great pirate ship America from sinking into its own bad bookkeeping scandal of a paper tiger economy.

America is bust, and you know it. So just admitted it George, you haven't a clue how to solve all the leaks in your ship of state.

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