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NK Comment

Defiance of North Korea
So entertaining to read and hear mainstream media's depiction of North Korea as "defiant" simply because it pulled out of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. When the Bush junta (one can hardly call it an administration, seeing that it's just a bunch of guys using public office for private gain and who have no real policies other than to plunder) pulled out of the ABM Treaty, that's not deemed being "defiant" --it's merely being the biggest dick on the block, and a compassionless one at that. And as everyone knows, superdicks are what superdicks do. Who do those rascally North Koreans think they are, anyway? Lousy controlling commies who stifle all democracy and protest, that's who they are.

We could speculate upon what the Bush junta would have expected after lumping North Korea into its specious axis of evil--that North Korean should lick Bush and Cheney asses, and then present them with a box of chocolates and pink roses? Let the Bushites take their lumps--when you use inflammatory speech against the world, be prepared for the consequences, especially if they too have nukes. North Korea is doing what the U.S. does--break treaty, break trust. The U.S. routinely breaks treaties. That's what they've always done. (But do as we say, not as we do.) What they should do is give and break bread.

Interesting that the Bush junta acts unilaterally in defiance of the rest of the world, continuing down a lonely path of increasing isolation from reason and sanity, which is precisely the perception it projects onto North Korea.

And Iraq? Even while the Bushites urge Iraqi dissidents to defect or rebel, here at home, from sea to shining sea, they scurry pellmell to erect a monolithic, technologically immense and omniscient police state to control and stifle dissent. Someday the American public might wake up long enough to repel this fascist hurricane, but by then we might all be smores toasted over a worldwide nuclear campfire--otherwise once known as free and happy campers.