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Indymedia meeting Saturday 4:30 pm

Indymedia meeting Saturday 4:30 pm
The regular weekly meetings are still at the Red and Black on Saturday, but the time is moved to 4:30 rather than 4 - The new time will be ongoing.

Learn more about indymedia - Get involved in video editing, shooting, photography, writing articles, reporting on events, the print project, internet radio, outreach, organizing video showings, tabling at events and putting up features on the center column

Indymedia work is fun, challenging, creative, and is vitally important as part of the movement for global justice. Indymedia is a great tool to bring together many diverse campaigns, and an opportunity to learn about and participate in a wide range of issues and viewpoints.

Saturday, 4:30 pm
Red and Black Cafe
Division and 22nd SE
repuesta 11.Jan.2003 09:57


this weekend, the Computers for Argentina project starts! portland indymedia volunteers (that means YOU!) will be working on donated computers to send to the IMC in Argentina! no technical experience whatsoever is required, and you'll learn lots of fun valuable skills. c'mon down to Free Geek on Saturday and/or Sunday, anytime between 10am and 7pm. Free Geek is at 1731 SE 10th Ave (about two blocks south of Hawthorne). See this post for full details:


AND -- there will no longer be editorial meetings at the Red and Black every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. instead, there will be just-plain-old-indymedia meetings every Saturday at 4:30 p.m. though editorial topics will be discussed, these gatherings are the place to bring all your ideas and questions for indymedia, be they related to the website, the print project, video activism, the public video showings, the newly forming web-radio project, etc., etc.! (this is how these meetings have been going for the last couple months, and now the change is official).

Want to get involved in media activism in portland? come to the Red and Black Saturday's at 4:30. these gatherings have been described as, "the only non-painful activist meetings i've ever been to" and "wow -- a *fun* meeting! who knew?"

The Red and Black is on SE Division at 22nd st. #4 bus.