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Association for Peace and Social Justice forming at PCC Rock Creek

PCC Rock Creek winter clubs are forming, and one of them is the APSJ (Association for Peace and Social Justice). If you are a student at Rock Creek, and would like to join the club, keep reading...
In order to start a club at PCC Rock Creek, a student (such as myself) must get eight people to commit to joining it. (Before I get to far... in case you are wondering why bother with an 'official' club: $$ - the student gov't will give any club $100, which could be useful for club purposes.) I have a few people signed up already, but I need at least 5 more (and the application has 20 slots which I would be happy to fill).

The club's purpose is "To foster and promote peace (both locally and globally) and to encourage interest in and action for the purpose of social progress". The description is broad, but should cover most topics we at Portland Indymedia are interested in. The main issue I will focus on in the club is the anti-war effort, but I, and hopefully all who join, will support such issues as the environment, workers rights, animal rights, etc.

To join, email peacemaker@nrsst.net with your name, address, and phone number. If doing that online makes you quesy, come to the Friday PPRC rally and we can meet in person. If you have questions, post them here or email them.



p.s.: I think the PPS students have a group called "Student Activist Alliance for Social Justice", which is where I got the idea for the group name. thanks.