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Freedom of Graffiti

Wonder why pole cleaning occurs regularly? Could it be that some moms never taught their kids to respect others' private property(utility companies & city) or at least clean up their own messes? Could it be that trashed out poles appeal to a very small population? Could it be that freedom of expression doesn't equal trying to visually force advertising on the public through pole graffitti? Don't we already have too much of that?
Let's respect each other and our neighborhood living rooms. Putting posters on utility/city private property poles is blatantly against city code (look at SE Hawthorne and NW 23th for great examples of trashed poles) The arguement of free speech doesn't include vandalizing private property. The arguement of affordable advertising COULD make sense, under 2 conditions: 1. Get permission from the pole owners and the city, and 2. Budget cleanup costs after the advertising has expired. If cleanup can't be afforded, then don't make the mess in the first place. Let's make a deal: Responsibly clean off expired posters and blanket pole cleaning will stop - gladly! Respect your neighbors, cleam up after yourselves, and everybody wins!
Good Neighbor slam 04.Jan.2003 18:25


In that case how about giving back the airwaves to the people. Any form that reaches people seems a threat? If you are really into private property how about giving the arms, legs and lives back to the Iraqi childern instead of going back to kill some more.

Yawn 04.Jan.2003 21:30

Art and poetry should be made by all

graffiti and postering is a victimless crime. If it's done well it enhances, not detracts from the beauty of a neighborhood. Graffiti will always be a last resort of people who have no real access to the media and a point to make. Maybe if the FCC would stop kicking peoples doors in with battering rams (like they did in Eugene) for broadcasting their own radio stations (most people are economically prohibited from being licensed and the new legislation divides and conquers more than it helps) then the amount of political graffiti might go down.Did it ever occur to you that some people care more about their own personal freedom than the goddamn city code? Do you? It's illegal to sit on the sidewalk now too, 'yknow? Should people stop sitting on the sidewalk just because it says so in the goddamn city code? Is the goddamn city code some kind of holy scripture that should be followed at all times? What if I think the city councilors are moronic shitheads, do I still have to follow the goddamn city code? Do you usually get upset when people refuse to capitulate to authority figures, social norms, or The Law?

If you care so much about the poles on Hawthorne than why don't you stop getting all moralistic over the internet and go out and clean them yourself? (Please don't take down flyers until after the event, thank you) I do, when I poster that is, and then I re-use the back side of the paper from old flyers.

ps Hey fiti heds: Keep up the good works, less toy shit, more big pieces, get creative, alter billboards, more political shit (be articulate), more organization (writers meetings? legal defense fund / jail support? increased coordination between crews?) Paint the town, trip people out, disrupt boredom, alter the urban enviroment in ways people aren't expecting, force people to THINK, do things children will remember for the rest of their lives, don't hit up houses or independently owned businesses, corpos and gov'ment can eat paint.

Speaking of SE Hawthorne and culture jamming 05.Jan.2003 02:35

the skeptic

Do any of y'all remember that unused parking lot with the billboard, that someone had come along and re-arranged the letters on to read :



I cracked up the first time I saw that. But it stayed up for AGES. Some cop had to have seen it and remembered all the brain damage from that bad CIA acid they took as a teen, at one point...

One wonders.

so-called *trashed* poles? boo hoo for you 05.Jan.2003 03:40

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

Like WOOD is SOOO beeyooteefull... <---(sarcasm)

I like flyers. I like music too.
I will not stop putting up flyers for GRINGO STARS.
See you at the next show!

Catch me if you can! mwah hah HAH!
so-called *trashed* poles? boo hoo for you
so-called *trashed* poles? boo hoo for you

i beg to differ 05.Jan.2003 05:55

Moe and Joe had a candy sto'

"Respect your neighbors, cleam up after yourselves, and everybody wins!"

where have you been--the terrorists have already won! :D

point of information? 05.Jan.2003 10:00

have staple gun, will educate

so, aren't those poles paid for with our tax dollars? or even the QWEST (ugh, shudder...) bills we pay regularly almost like hostages?

so, they're sorta like, ours, huh.

Fuck the dumb shit 05.Jan.2003 11:31

Who cares?

Tag the shit outta everything kids! Poles are small time. Hit everything; The whole freakin' city is fair game. Ink it up, tag it up, The worst tag is better the the best billbord or advertisement. Oh yea if yall know who has been fuckin' up my shit with the silver circles let me know; 'cuz a whole lotta' motherfuckers wanna pay whomever a friendly vist. Paint pens, spray cans, runnin' through the night, I love this shit.

-No justice No peace!!!!

!FUCK PROPERTY RIGHTS! 05.Jan.2003 17:13


!!!You're a BAD NEIGHBOR!!!
Are you people protesting at ak media's and clear chanels corperate offices? NO!
Are you goin into the schools and ripping out the pepsi, coke, doritos, and mcdonalds advertisements? No! Are you boycotting the curriculum because it's teaches kids to count in barbie dolls and big macs?
Then what the hell are you doing censoring the rest of us?
If I don't own property does that mean I'm a second class person? That I have no right to express myself? My culture?
That the land and streets are any less mine? When you accept the premise that everything is property- then there can be no community- there can be no ecology- because properties and commodities are by thier "apparent" nature transient and meant to be exploited. That's why the chief responsibility of corperate C.E.O.'s is thier LEGAL obligation to increase share holder value.
Who the fuck is anyone to say I can't take ownership of my community? When I Climb up on that billboard and write FIGHT IMPERIALISM i'm standing up for my tribe, my culture.
I am one of those % that give a fuck about turning back the hegonomy. I've ran into your like before- telling me I can't put up my protest flyer. I got words for you-
You fuckers may make the laws - but that don't mean we respect them.
Street culture- community based- peoples culture is gonna start sticking up for it self. First it'll be art- AND IF YOU'RE LAWS KEEP TRYING TO BREAK US? We'll take to the streets- every where you look you're gonna see it- and if you hurt us- WATCH OUT!
I know you're gonna start screamin TERRORIST! But think a about how we feel- finding ourselves penniless with little choices but to consume it or fight.
DOMINATION and PROPERTY CULTURE are the real culprits of our woes- and the sooner we stand up to these consumer cults- the sooner we'll be free.

mikey ? 07.Jan.2003 00:10

mr. williams lives in this hole

A little rhetorical story goes something like this...

>>My shoes are kind of worn out, and it's cold out. Will >>you give me yours ? My coat is kind of thin, too. Can I >>have yours ?

>>I'm kind of late with the rent. Will you give me your >>money, or talk your parents into writing some checks for >>me ? If not, will you go live in the street, so me and my >>family can move into your bed ?

>>I'm hungry, too. I'm going to take your food away from >>you, if you won't give it to me. Will you stop me ? How >>will you do that ?

>>I haven't had sex in a while. Will you let me have sex >>with your girlfriend or boyfriend ? No ? How about your >>mother or sister or brother or father or roomate or dog >>or your ass ?

>>You didn't stop me from taking everything else, so I'm >>going to take that, too, and then put you to work for me.

Property is Theft, you know. A European aristocrat wrote it down over a hundred years ago, so I know it's true.

That is, by far, the stupidest... 08.Jan.2003 00:41

GRINGO STARS gringo_stars@attbi.com

That is, by far, the stupidest "rhetorical story"/domino theory I have ever heard - more so than even the cold war communist country domino theory. Please be aware of the fallacies of certain arguments and how to call them on their schitt. Check it:


The post by "mr. williams lives in this hole" falls under the fallacy called "slippery slope":


Know your fallacies, kids. Then you can explain precisely WHY certain arguments are so very weak, and also avoid using such lame tactics.

Some truths- ain't self evident. 08.Jan.2003 15:34

Michael b

williams in whole-

It's clear that your faith in property has so twisted your heart that you view your most intimate relations as ones of ownership- of having property
namely- sex
I know your sickness- I've had your sickness- I fight it every day-
The sickness is everywhere- but there is a cure-
it doesn't lie in the fantasies of the statist moral authoritiy you speak of-
How many times did you say HAVE in your post? CAN I HAVE- can i take?- WILL YOU LET ME TAKE?- will you let me own your sex?
YOU put these words in my mouth. YOU project them onto others. Furthering THIER strength- advancing the SICKNESS.
I struggle hard to be a person that can help others- by confronting authoritarianism inside. People can share! relationships can be concentual! Mutual aid works! The land belongs to no one- to all! No one owns me- I can govern myself.
The delusion you project is apparent- it's of a platform of belief we call domination.
But as you dominate others- so shall you be a slave to this domination.