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2nd Hearing!!! Mt. Hood-Cooper Spur Mega-Ski Resort Development


From the open publishing newswire: This is the 2nd Public Hearing to be held about Mount Hood Meadows plan to build a 450-unit destination resort with a mega ski facility and golf course at Cooper Spur on the North Side of Mount Hood. This resort for the rich would destroy the last wild and free areas of Mount Hood. This is the Community's 2nd chance to say loud and clear - NO!

What: Critical Hearing before the Hood River Planning Commission to determine whether to allow a destination resort at Cooper Spur or not.

When: Wednesday, Jan 29, 2003 @ 7:30 PM. Sign in for testimony will be at 6:30 PM. Folks should plan on arriving early. Driving time from Portland varies with traffic. Plan on 1 1/2 hours.

Where: In Hood River at the Hood River Middle School. The school is just west of 13th Street on May Street. From Portland take I-84 to Hood River exit # 62 (US 30) toward West Hood River. Turn right on Cascade Ave. (1 mile). Continue on Oak Ave. (2/10ths mile). Turn right on 13th St.(3/10ths mile). Turn right on May St.(1/10th mile). Continue on May St to Hood River Middle School (1/10th mile).
CARPOOLING: We will use the same locations for carpooling. The first is in the parking lot opposite the Phu Hoa asian market on the NW corner of SE 38th and Belmont. The second is in the Parking lot of ONRC at 5825 N Greeley. Last time, folks also set-upother carpooling sites which was great.

How: We will have material on hand to help you organize your thoughts for testimony. Each witness will be allowed three minutes to testify. Speak from your heart.

Together we can save the mountain, bioregional agriculture, some of the best water anywhere and valley life.

This is a call for all Hands on Deck. We need a terrific showing at this hearing. PLEASE COME & SEE YOU THERE!

AUDIO FILE: Public Comment Concerning Cooper Spur Resort Development
Excerpts from public testimony before the Hood River Planning Commission last Wednesday evening, January 22, 2003, concerning a Destination Resort at Cooper Spur on Mt. Hood that would include over 400 condominiums and a golf course.
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[ ~15 minute streaming audio ]

Cooper Spur Wild and Free Coalition