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Craig Rosebraugh, former ELF spokesperson, speaks on the 'Legitimacy of Political Violence'

From the open publishing newswire: Craig Rosebraugh delivered a lecture to an overflow crowd at the Laughing Horse Bookstore tonight. Folks were packed in as tight as sardines, and spilled out onto the sidewalk, but listened in rapt silence as Craig shared his thoughts and research from the work he has recently done on his Master's thesis. A sense of occasion unmistakably permeated the room, and Craig did not disappoint. I missed the first part of his three part lecture because I couldn't get in, but I managed to squeak in for parts two and three. Way in the back, I took notes as furiously as I could, but was unable to keep up with his quick pace, so I don't have much to share at this time. Fortunately the audio from the full lecture was captured and will be uploaded to the internet sometime in the next day or two. As soon as it is, a link will be posted here to portland indymedia, so check back for it.

Craig is a good public speaker. There was not a single "um" in the entire evening that I heard. You could tell he's been writing on these subjects a lot because of the many nice, tight phrases that he used. I had my eyes opened to some history I didn't know, and some concepts I'd considered, but not heard out loud (at least not so eloquently). He made no call for "violent revolution" and I don't know if that disappointed the cop in the room. (There was at least one, of course.) He shared the facts he'd found, and some insights he'd arrived at, but made no specific prescription for action. Nonetheless, the radical perspective he brought was refreshing in these peacenik-ridden times, when a call goes out for 100 peacekeepers but not one cop-watcher.
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