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AFL-CIO and PACE Union announce boycott against Graphic Packaging Corp.; Coors Beer to be targetted

Decrying the "brutal demands to force workers to work as many as seven days per week and 16 hours per day" at the Graphic Packaging Corporation (GPC) plant in Kalamazoo, MI and the "anti-worker, union-busting" practices of the Coors Family, PACE International Union (PACE) was joined today by the AFL-CIO in announcing a nationwide boycott against GPC and consumer products for whom GPC provides packaging. Included among manufacturers whose products are contained in GPC packaging are Coors Brewing Company, General Mills, Quaker Products and Kraft Foods.

GPC, headquartered in Golden, CO, is the largest folding carton manufacturer in the United States, with one mill and 17 plants throughout the country. The corporation is publicly traded and owned and controlled by the Coors Family through family trusts.
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